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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Who Actually Throws A Baby Shower?

    Usually a baby shower is hosted by any one of, or combination of the following:

    - close friend(s) of the mum-to-be

    - sister of the mum-to-be

    - mother of the mum-to-be

    - female work colleagues of the mum-to-be

    The host(s) will organise the shower, which includes sending out invitations, providing food and drinks, decorations, music, organising games and giving guests ideas for gifts for the mum-to-be.

  • Should A Baby Shower Be A Surprise?

    A baby shower can be a surprise, planned with the mum-to-be's full knowledge, or even a bit of both. In the US, a baby shower is pretty much expected (in the same way that we would expect to have a hen night before our wedding), but it is still often planned as a surprise (i.e. the mum-to-be knows it is going to happen, but not necessarily where and when). But in the UK, it is still a relatively new phenomenon and the mum-to-be might not even have considered being on the receiving end of a baby shower.

    When making the decision, we would simply suggest you think about what is best in your particular circumstance. Does the mum-to-be like surprises? Will she be genuinely flattered and pleased at having this surprise, or do you think she would rather be involved from the start and let you know who she might like to invite. Can you plan it so that the mum-to-be will be looking her best at the shower (and therefore feeling happy and comfortable)? Would she like the opportunity to give some ideas of baby-items that she might like, or could you get this information from the father-to-be, still keeping the baby shower as a surprise? You should also consider whether she is superstitious - in some cases such as this you may prefer to throw the baby shower after the baby is born (about 2 months).

  • When Should You Throw A Baby Shower?

    We suggest you aim for around 8 - 10 weeks before the mum-to-be's due date. This gives her sufficient time to organise the baby's lovely new gifts in advance of the big day, putting them away in the nursery, washing and folding away new baby clothes, and buying anything else that is needed. This is also the time she is most likely to be feeling her best. Avoid leaving it too late in the pregnancy when she could feel tired and uncomfortable and perhaps not in the mood for a party or may even have her baby early and miss the whole thing! (It has been known to happen!)

    In some cases you may prefer to throw the baby shower after the baby is born. This could be more appropriate especially if the mum-to-be is having complications in her pregnancy, or is in any way superstitious about such things. You could arrange the shower for when the baby is about 6 - 8 weeks old with one advantage being that you know the sex and can buy appropriate gifts.

  • Baby Shower Step-By-Step Guide

    What can be more joyous than celebrating the birth of a baby! If you are the shower host, you have a lot to think about, everything from the theme of the party, number of guests, whether to include spouses, location, and of course the food. It is always a good idea to check with the guest of honor first to make sure that you are carrying out any special wishes. Use this checklist to help you.

    One to two months before the baby shower

    Set a date
    Choose a location
    Create a guest list (determine number of guests)
    Decide in theme (if desired)
    Plan your activities & choose games
    Plan your menu

    Two to three weeks before the baby shower

    Send out your invitations (include directions)
    Order cake
    Order flowers or balloon bouquets (if applicable)
    Decide on the party favours, game prizes and decorations
    Finalise your menu

    One week before the baby shower

    Order or gather together the chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, etc..
    Make a final guest count
    Place orders for food if needed
    Confirm reservations (if applicable)
    Buy film for camera
    Begin to clean and prepare your house (if party is being held in your home)
    Buy and wrap your gift for mum-to-be
    Make a plan of how you will run the party.

    The day before the baby shower

    Gift wrap any game prizes and prepare favours
    Review the games/activities
    Begin decorating the house with the party material
    Pick up the cake
    Purchase beverages
    Make street signs if necessary and put out on the day of the shower
    Set up tables, chairs, buffet table, etc…

    The day of the baby shower

    Set out party favours on a table
    Finish any last minute decorating
    Prepare a place where gifts will go (gift table)
    Have your chosen party games ready to play. Make sure you have pens for guests and your prizes ready to hand out
    Set out beverages, ice, glasses etc.
    Make sure you have a notepad nearby to write down the gifts received
    Also, keep a rubbish bag nearby the opening of the gifts to reduce in the clutter of the wrapping paper
    Set up the food on the buffet table

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