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    When organising a baby shower you may have already decided on a venue, perhaps your home, outside in summer or even somewhere not mentioned here. Once you know where you are hosting a baby shower you now need to know what to buy.

    When you come to BabiesBabies you can get everything in one place.

    In our Baby Shower Decorations section we have; balloons, banners, hanging decorations, cake decorations, confetti and table sprinkles and table decorations. Our decorations come in a variety of colours including traditional ones like pastel pink, pastel blue and neutral clours for those who are keeping the gender a secret.

    Each decoration has an image and a description so you will know what you are receiving and whether you need more or if you need something a little different.

    If any help is needed, we have a dedicated customer care team on hand to help, just give us a call.

  • Baby Shower Party Packs Save Money

    Ever thought of having a baby shower but being put off by the cost of things? We know how that feels! Which is why we have created these lovely party packs which have the most popular decorations and games all in one place to save you time and money.
    If you have never organised one of these parties before and not sure where to start then look no further. Our baby shower packs

      are your answer to you hosting a wonderful party with lots of fun for mum-to-be and your guests.
      Great ideas, lots of information, decorations, keepsakes, favours, games and more!
      If you wish to add extra items to your pack please contact and we will happily provide a bespoke package just for you. – Have a look at our website at Babies Babies


  • Choosing a Baby Shower Venue

    Choosing the venue for a Baby Shower has a great effect on the atmosphere for the party.

    You may decide on the intimacy of your home. This has the advantage of being less expensive than other options but space may be an issue or the thought of cleaning up afterward. In warmer months having the baby shower outside may be an option but this can be risky with the British weather and unexpected rain! If your budget will stretch it may be worth researching suitable venues to hire. These may include local coffee houses, public houses or a hotel. The choice is wide and will be influenced by cost, location and the ambiance that you are trying to create.

    Whatever the venue, always remember that the most important element of any party will be the people attending. With friendly faces and amusing parenting stories, a great time will be had by all.

    Once you know where you are holding the party, you now need to know how to decorate it to create the perfect atmosphere. At we try to offer the best in themed decorations and ideas to make your venue and day become extra special.

    In our Baby Shower Decorations section, we have lots of balloons, banners and hanging decorations to choose from. We have many ranges in various baby themes to match your taste and most also include matching tableware like napkins, plates and table covers.

    If any help is needed, we have a dedicated customer care team on hand to help, just give us a call.

    We wish you a memorable and enjoyable party.

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