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Baby Shower News

  • Baby Shower Decorations

    When organising a baby shower you may have already decided on a venue, your home, outside or even somewhere not mentioned here.  Once you know where, you now need to know what to buy.

    When you come to BabiesBabies you can get everything in one place.

    In our Baby Shower Decorations section we have; balloons, banners, hanging decorations, cake decorations, confetti and table sprinkles and table decorations.  We have pink, blue and neutral for those who are keeping the gender a secret.

    Each product we have is described perfectly so you will know what you are receiving and whether you need more or if you need something a little different.

    If any help is needed, we have a dedicated customer care team on hand to help, just give us a call.

  • Springtime Baby Showers

    Spring is in the air!  Are you organising a springtime baby shower?

    Here are some tips and ideas.

    Spring is a very popular time for people to throw baby showers.  There are many reasons behind this; as most pregnancies last for 40 weeks, lots of people are pregnant in spring.  The weather is changing and it starts to get warmer  The days last longer.  Flowers start to sprout and we starts to see new life in baby animals being born.  It is an all around happier time of year.  Who would not want to have a party?  Just remember it is still quite cold, temperatures in the UK are still below 10'c so if you are opting for an outdoors baby shower, try to do it in a garden or somewhere with the option for you to go inside if people start to feel cold.  Not only will this stop people from getting a cold, people will stay longer.

    What food and drink to serve?  What better in spring than fresh fruit salads, finger rolls, fresh deli meats, quiches, cupcakes, salad, tropical punch or even flavoured water.  Delicious food that will look right at home in spring.

    Everything you need decoration, theme, game and gift wise we have on our website BabiesBabies

    For any further tips, advice or help with your baby shower, please give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to help.

  • Baby Shower Game Packs

    Organising a #babyshower can be quite difficult, especially when it is for someone else. If this is your first time, you may be struggling with; knowing what you should or should not buy? whether you will have enough for amount guests attending? or you may have a budget and need help choosing essentials over novelty? At #BabiesBabies we can help you every step of the way, just give us a call and one of our dedicated customer service advisors will be happy to help.

    When it comes to baby showers here at BabiesBabies we pride ourselves on offering the complete baby shower experience. Not only do we have a huge selection of unique and memorable baby shower party games but we also offer baby shower game packs. These game packs have been created to help people get everything they need with one click instead of several. The packs are comprised of our most popular games and each pack is created with guest amounts in mind.

    The game packs we offer are; Pack of two baby shower games, baby shower games duo, Trio of fun party games, Three of the best baby shower games, Five of the best baby shower games and finally we offer a deluxe baby shower games pack which includes over eight games, a winners prize and latex balloons.

    To complete your baby shower experience you can also see our; #babyshowerdecorations page.

  • Party Ideas - Food Drink and Recipes


    You will definitely want to offer food and drink at any baby shower, but exactly what you want to offer will depend on time of day, any theme you may have, and your budget - not to mention the practicalities of serving food in your own home, if that's where the party is.

    When preparing your menu, consider foods that you have made previously that are easy to prepare or that can be made ahead of time and frozen. Now is not the time to experiment. The party will be much more enjoyable for you as the host if you are mingling with the guests rather than hanging out alone in the kitchen! Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Advice.

    This is Pregnancy Advice and it is for anyone who needs to know a little more about being pregnant.  These days you can't hide it - pregnancy is a glamorous issue and having a Baby Shower Party is all part of Modern Maternity! From food to fashion, massage to fitness, Babies Babies will present you with a mini survival guide to see you through your pregnancy.

    1. The 1st thing you need is ADVICE - read what you can, but trust your instincts. Follow what is right for you. And don't leave all your reading about what to do with a baby for after the birth, as by then you probably won't have enough time to pick up a book!! Continue reading

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