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Baby Shower Games

  • Baby Shower Game Packs

    Organising a #babyshower can be quite difficult, especially when it is for someone else. If this is your first time, you may be struggling with; knowing what you should or should not buy? whether you will have enough for amount guests attending? or you may have a budget and need help choosing essentials over novelty? At #BabiesBabies we can help you every step of the way, just give us a call and one of our dedicated customer service advisors will be happy to help.

    When it comes to baby showers here at BabiesBabies we pride ourselves on offering the complete baby shower experience. Not only do we have a huge selection of unique and memorable baby shower party games but we also offer baby shower game packs. These game packs have been created to help people get everything they need with one click instead of several. The packs are comprised of our most popular games and each pack is created with guest amounts in mind.

    The game packs we offer are; Pack of two baby shower games, baby shower games duo, Trio of fun party games, Three of the best baby shower games, Five of the best baby shower games and finally we offer a deluxe baby shower games pack which includes over eight games, a winners prize and latex balloons.

    To complete your baby shower experience you can also see our; #babyshowerdecorations page.

  • Baby Shower Games for a day to remember.

    Baby showers have become more popular in the last few years, making their way over to the UK from America.  Nowadays it is becoming unheard of to not celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby with a baby shower, whether that be a surprise or not for mummy to be.  What we are finding is that people do not know what is out there party wise for baby showers and that is where comes in, because here at we have all the newest, funnest and best loved games on the market.  From our very popular Pin the Dummy on the Baby game to our brand new range of games that have just come out onto the UK market. We have everything you could or could not possibly think of just click our link to find out more

  • Dirty Nappy (Sniff and Lick) Game

    Looking for a fun game to play at your baby shower that will have all your guests laughing?  Well, here is your answer - The Dirty Nappy Game.  Or as named the Sniff & Lick Game by Coleen Rooney when she was interviewed by fashion expert Mark Heyes on ITV's Lorraine programme.  Coleen was asked about her recent baby shower and commented how much fun this game was which her friends bought from Shower My Baby.

    An unusual but fun & popular 'sniff and lick' baby shower game guaranteed to have your guests laughing as you try to guess contents of a nappy.

    Basically smear items such as chocolate spread, horseradish, salad dressing, mustard, relishes, melted chocolates or anything with a strong or unusual smell into the disposable nappies.  Blind folded guests are then asked to smell the nappy and if required touch and taste its contents to guess what it is.  The guest who guesses the most nappies correctly wins.

    We provide you with 5 new born clean white disposable nappies, which are presented tied with satin ribbon. You will also receive 2 Personalised Prize labels with ribbon for game prizes plus Instructions for the game.  A blindfold mask is also included.

    Great value at £4.49.

  • Party Games at Coleen Rooney's Baby Shower

    No baby shower is complete without party games and Amy & friends certainly chose a fun and varied selection of games to play at the Shower giving Coleen plenty to choose from. We provided some of their best selling games including Pin the dummy on the baby, which was personalised with'Pin the dummy on baby Rooney'  This is a spin on the old favourite pin the tail on the donkey, which we all loved to play when we were little so why not at a baby shower?!!

    Who Knows mummy Best Quiz - So how much do you know about the guest of honour? This is a fun quiz asking questions such as 'Where was Mum born?' 'What is her favourite movie?' etc... Guests have been known to get a little competitive with this one, hiding their answer sheets away from other guests so beware of cheats!!!

    Prediction Game which allows the guests to guess the weight of the baby, the day he/she will be born and sex if not known,  Of course we all know that Coleen is expecting a boy.

    Guess Mum’s Tum Size - Hand the reel of ribbon to each guest and ask them to cut off a piece of ribbon the length they think is needed to go around Mummy's Tummy.    Each guest is to measure their piece of ribbon with the tape measure provided.  Record this measurement on the chart provided with this game.
    Now you can find out who is the closest - Measure Mummy's Tummy and cut the piece of ribbon.  Measure this and compare the actual measurement with your guest guesses. Whoever has the closest measurement to Mum's is the winner.  A party favourite.

    ‘Cheers’ bottle drinking game.  This game will have your guests rolling on the floor laughing. Your guests will have a blast. Simply fill the bottles with a drink of your choice, eg. milk, juice, wine, water etc...... then get ready to play. On Your Marks - Get Set - GO... see who can drink the fastest drink out of the baby bottle.

    We guess that the ice was broken at the baby shower with the fun ‘My Waters have Broken’ game.  These are plastic miniature babies that are set into ice cubes, placed into drinks and the 1st to see the ice cube melted shouts 'My Waters have broken' and is the winner of the game.

    And finally Guess Who Knows Who Game?  This fun game involves you obtaining a photograph from your guests of them as a baby. You then stick the photos onto the poster and number each one. Guests are then to write down who they think each of the photograph belongs to.

    As you can see, Coleen had a fabulous selection of games at her baby shower and here at Babies Babies, we have over 40 fun games to choose from to suit all personalities of guests attending and styles of baby showers.

  • New Baby Shower Game

    So our latest is a twist on the old favourite and original game we designed, pin the dummy on the baby. This is the fun Egg and Sperm race Game. Priced at £3.95.We are always trying to come up with new and fun games to play at baby shower parties as more and more people are attending baby showers here in the UK.  We are often asked which different games do we have to the ones that were played at the last party attended as it will be the same groups of girls.

    This Egg & Sperm Wonder Woman Womb themed game is truly hilarious and will really create the 'fun factor' at your baby shower party.

    Based on the children's favourite game - Pin the tail on the Donkey, this game requires you to pin the sperm onto the egg. Simply write your guests names onto the individual sperm stickers and hand to each player. Blindfold each player in turn and turn them around once or twice. Have them step forward and using only one hand, stick the sperm onto the poster bearing in mind that you need to be near the blue egg. After each player takes a turn, the one who sticks the sperm nearest to the egg is the winner.

    This game includes:

    1 x High quality A3 Size glossy poster
    1 x Sheet of 20 adhesive sperm stickers
    1 x Prize tag with Winner of Egg & Sperm Race Game printed onto it.

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