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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Springtime Baby Showers

    Spring is in the air!  Are you organising a springtime baby shower?

    Here are some tips and ideas.

    Spring is a very popular time for people to throw baby showers.  There are many reasons behind this; as most pregnancies last for 40 weeks, lots of people are pregnant in spring.  The weather is changing and it starts to get warmer  The days last longer.  Flowers start to sprout and we starts to see new life in baby animals being born.  It is an all around happier time of year.  Who would not want to have a party?  Just remember it is still quite cold, temperatures in the UK are still below 10'c so if you are opting for an outdoors baby shower, try to do it in a garden or somewhere with the option for you to go inside if people start to feel cold.  Not only will this stop people from getting a cold, people will stay longer.

    What food and drink to serve?  What better in spring than fresh fruit salads, finger rolls, fresh deli meats, quiches, cupcakes, salad, tropical punch or even flavoured water.  Delicious food that will look right at home in spring.

    Everything you need decoration, theme, game and gift wise we have on our website BabiesBabies

    For any further tips, advice or help with your baby shower, please give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to help.

  • Party Ideas - Food Drink and Recipes


    You will definitely want to offer food and drink at any baby shower, but exactly what you want to offer will depend on time of day, any theme you may have, and your budget - not to mention the practicalities of serving food in your own home, if that's where the party is.

    When preparing your menu, consider foods that you have made previously that are easy to prepare or that can be made ahead of time and frozen. Now is not the time to experiment. The party will be much more enjoyable for you as the host if you are mingling with the guests rather than hanging out alone in the kitchen! Continue reading

  • Tips for hosting and planning a Baby Shower

    baby-shower-women-photo-420x420-ts-200403754-001Here’s the situation: Your best friend or close relative just found out she’s having a baby and you want to plan a baby shower. Where do you even begin? Since there’s a lot more to planning a baby shower than simply sending out invitations and cutting cake, you might want a few tips on how to make the party a memorable event. For instance, a hostess will need to consider how to decorate the party venue, as well as which games, if any, should be played.  Here are some tips to help you that we have found to be of use to previous customers visiting Babies Babies.

    Be Mindful of the Baby's Due Date

    Plan the party with the due date in mind.  If it’s possible, try planning the baby shower about six weeks before the baby is due.  That way, mum-to-be still has time to get any last minute bits and pieces she needs plus prepare herself for the birth.  Ask the parents-to-be if they prefer a certain date, too. When the party date is established, send out invitations or email about four to six weeks before the party so guests can arrange their schedules and purchase gifts.

    Be Mindful of Your Budget

    Think about money and venue space. Before you even think of ordering invitations, you’ll need to think of your budget, how many guests to invite and the size of the venue you want.  The home of the hostess or grandma- to- be is usually a very popular choice.

    Guest List

    10 to 25 guests seems to be  the average number invited to a shower, but you will need to make a list of who you think Mum-to-be would want there and make sure you don't leave anyone out!!  Perhaps ask her partner for a list of contacts from her phone who he knows she would want to invite as this may include an old school friend that you do not know as the hostess, but she would want there at the party.

    Party Schedule

    Determine the party’s length. Depending on the amount of guests you have, two to three hours is plenty of time for a shower. You have time to eat, mingle and open gifts.  The most common order is for guests to arrive and mingle, play a few games to get everyone in the party mood, eat whatever food you decide to serve, Mum-to-be opens gifts, cut the cake if you are having one then hand out favours or cupcakes as the guests leave as a thank you for attending.

    Be Mindful of Your Menu

    Think of your menu. Finger food seems to be a favourite as it can be easier to eat especially if seating is limited at the party venue. Smaller plates will also make it easier to balance food on your lap or hold while standing.   Be aware that you may need to cater for vegetarians, people with allergies  as well as providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    Theme Your Shower

    Plan the party around a theme.  At Babies Babies we have so many themes to choose from that you may be spoilt for choice, but we believe that we have something for all tastes and themes.

    Play Some Games

    Put a limit on party games.   We suggest 2-4 games.  Some people don’t like playing baby shower games, so keep the games light and let people mingle.  Again at Babies Babies we have over 40 games to choose fun so we are certain that you will find games suitable for your guest list and party.  The most popular is Pin the Dummy on the Baby and this is available in both white and ethnic origin babies.

    Baby Shower Favours

    It isn't a must do, but it is a nice gesture to hand something to each guest as they leave as a thank you for attending the baby shower.  Some ideas for favours are bags of sweets, bookmarks, candles, handmade favours, cupcakes or simply a thank you card and a slice of cake.

    We hope this has given you some good ideas for your baby shower and will help with the planning of it and you will find all you need at Babies Babies including lovely gifts for Mum-to-be, the baby and even Dad!  Happy planning.

  • What Baby Shower Present Should You Give?

    It is the US trend to shower Mum To Be with lots of lavish baby gifts at her baby shower.  It is reported that Rochelle Humes, The Saturdays singer, wanted an all out American style baby shower and the gifts given certainly followed the US theme as she received not one luxury pram, but in fact five of them!

    When establishing baby showers here in the UK back in 2003,  we wanted the whole theme and idea to be very much targeted to the UK market and what we feel comfortable with here.  And this is the same when suggesting what gifts, if any to give at a baby shower.

    As there is still superstition here in the UK about giving baby gifts before the arrival in case anything goes wrong,  we thought a baby shower would be an ideal time to focus on and spoil Mum To Be.  After all, when baby arrives, poor old Mum doesn't seem to get a look in!!  Therefore ideal baby shower gifts are for Mum herself and these don't need to be expensive.

    We offer a great selection of baby shower gifts that are just perfect for Mum To Be.  These range from practical lotions and potions to use during labour to pampering treats that she can use herself once baby arrives.  One gift that has proved incredibly popular as a novel gift is the Squeeze To Ease Stress Ball.  These are an ideal baby shower present and made very special as they are tied with a label with the personalised message of your choice.

  • Favours to Say Thank You.

    Throwing a baby shower in the new year say thanks to your friends and family with mini favours. These token gifts are a fantastic way to thank your guests for attending your baby shower. You can make your guests feel special by personalising their favour with their name and adding a special message. There are so many different types to choose from our range. Different colours, whether it’s all pink or blue, or maybe neutral if you’re not sure of what’s coming! We also have bath salts and soaps which smell lovely for pamper time. Cute charms add the perfect finishing touch to your favours, which your guests will adore.

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