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Tag Archives: baby shower ideas

  • Baby Shower on a Budget

    Baby showers are now a right of passage in pregnancy. They can be a great amount of fun. The problem is that so many people have started to believe that a baby shower needs to cost a pretty penny. The truth is that baby showers are designed to celebrate the pregnant mother-to-be and her baby. It’s a gathering of friends and family to show support. Here are some ideas to have a great shower – without breaking the bank!

    Re-use Decorations
    If you happen to have some decorations saved from another shower, re-use them! Or pull out some strings of Christmas lights and hang them around the party room – they spice up any occasion. You can also use baby items as decorations, either yours or some from friends. Think kid books, baby bath lotions, stuffed animals, etc. These small things can really help set the tone and don’t have to be overpowering to be effective.

    Eat off plates.
    I know it sounds crazy, but consider using your real plates instead of disposable plates. If you have a set of nice dishes, pull those out. If the thought of doing dishes really turns you off consider our budget disposable baby shower tableware.

    Buy in bulk.
    For food consider going to your local bulk food store. Here you can get a large selection for less. Think a huge bag of veggies and dip for appetizers. Many also have bags of sweets or nuts to set out for munchies. My personal favorite is in the freezer aisle: frozen mini cream puffs and eclairs. Either way buying in bulk is likely to save you money.

    Bake the cake!
    Baking a cake doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simply bake a long sheet sponge cake in your own oven. Once it’s iced or decorated to your preference you can add some pre-made designed pieces of sweets (like you’d purchase for a kid’s birthday) or go for a simple style. For simple yet elegant, you can also make cupcakes. A nice cupcake sprinkled with colored sugar is very attractive. You can even arrange these in decorative format, like spelling out the word baby in cupcakes as a centerpiece. If you want the cupcakes in a baby theme or a sponge in a baby design we offer them in our baby shower baking section.

    Game Prizes and Favours
    It’s nice to give small gifts to the winners of baby shower games. These don’t have to break the budget at all. Consider getting them at a supermarket. Even when you purchase gift bags and baby shower favours, you’re only spending a couple of pounds per favour. You can even skip the gift bags and simply use organza bags and some old ribbon from your home. Most supermarkets and pound stores then sell candles, nice bath stuff or sweets to make a great thank you gift. If you want some ideas then look at our baby shower favours section. You will see that for personalised favours we often cost less than making favours yourself as we buy in bulk and well, this is what we do!

    Baby gifts on a budget.
    If you’d like to give the mother-to-be something beyond the baby shower, which is a present in and of itself, consider inexpensive options. Coupons for babysitting, a gift basket of baby goodies from the dollar store, the promise of a meal after the baby arrives – these are all good ideas for budget baby shower gifts.

    Save money on the invitations.
    Consider using a service like Evite to send electronic invitations to your guests who have email. This saves on postage as well as the actual invitation an time. It’s also a handy way to manage your guest list. What if someone doesn’t have email? Drop them a nice note in the mail with a printed version of the online invitation and a note to call in their RSVP

  • Ideas for Planning and Hosting a Baby Shower

    Imagine the situation: Your best friend or close relative is having a baby and you want to plan a baby shower. Where do you even begin? Since there’s a lot more to planning a baby shower than simply sending out invitations and cutting cake, you might want a few tips on how to make the party a memorable event. For instance, a hostess will need to consider how to decorate the party venue, as well as which baby shower games and activities, if any, should be played. Here are some tips to help you that we have found to be of use to previous customers visiting Babies Babies.

    Consider The Baby’s Due Date

    Plan the party with the due date in mind. If it’s possible, try planning the baby shower about six weeks before the baby is due. That way, mum-to-be still has time to get any last-minute bits and pieces she needs plus prepare herself for the birth. Ask the parents-to-be if they prefer a certain date, too. When the party date is established, send out invitations or email about four to six weeks before the party so guests can arrange their schedules and purchase gifts.

    Be Mindful of Your Budget

    Think about money and venue space. Before you even think of ordering invitations, you’ll need to think of your budget, how many guests to invite and the size of the venue you want. The home of the hostess or grandma- to- be is usually a very popular choice.

    Guest List

    10 to 25 guests seems to be the average number invited to a shower, but you will need to make a list of who you think Mum-to-be would want there and make sure you don’t leave anyone out!! Perhaps ask her partner for a list of contacts from her phone who he knows she would want to invite as this may include an old school friend that you do not know as the hostess, but she would want there at the party.

    Party Schedule

    Determine the party’s length. Depending on the number of guests you have, two to three hours is plenty of time for a shower. You have time to eat, mingle and open gifts. The most common order is for guests to arrive and mingle, play a few games to get everyone in the party mood, eat whatever food you decide to serve, Mum-to-be opens gifts, cut the cake if you are having one then hand out favours or cupcakes as the guests leave as a thank you for attending.

    Consider Your Menu

    Think of your menu. Finger food seems to be a favourite as it can be easier to eat especially if seating is limited at the party venue. Smaller plates will also make it easier to balance food on your lap or hold while standing. Be aware that you may need to cater for vegetarians, people with allergies as well as providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    Try to Theme Your Baby Shower

    Plan the party around a theme. At Babies Babies we have so many different baby shower tableware themes to choose from that you may be spoilt for choice, but we believe that we have something for all tastes and themes.

    Play Some Games

    Put a limit on party games. We suggest 3-6 games but remember to include a customer favourite 'mums advice cards and prediction game party pack'. Some people don’t like playing baby shower games, so keep the games light and let people mingle. Again at Babies Babies, we have over 40 games to choose fun so we are certain that you will find games suitable for your guest list and party. The most popular is Pin the Dummy on the Baby and this is available in both white and ethnic origin babies.

    Baby Shower Favours

    It isn’t a must-do, but it is a nice gesture to hand something to each guest as they leave as a thank you for attending the baby shower. Some ideas for favours are bags of sweets, bookmarks, candles, handmade favours, cupcakes or simply a thank you card and a slice of cake.

    We hope this has given you some good ideas for your baby shower and will help with the planning of it and you will find all you need at Babies Babies including lovely gifts for Mum-to-be, the baby and even Dad! Happy planning.

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