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What Baby Shower Gift should you give?

In the US the trend is to shower Mum-To-Be with lots of lavish baby gifts at her baby shower. It is is not uncommon to read about a celebrity shower where luxury gifts are the norm. But most of us are not famous and wealthy and in the UK we feel that it's the 'get together' with friends which is the important part, not the cost of the gifts you give!

There is still often superstition here in the UK about giving expensive baby gifts before the arrival in case anything goes wrong, so we think a baby shower is an ideal time to focus on and spoil Mum-To-Be. After all, when baby arrives, poor old Mum doesn’t seem to get a look in! Therefore ideal baby shower gifts are for Mum herself and these don’t need to be expensive.

As we were one of the first baby shower specialist companies in the UK, we wanted the whole concept and idea to be very much targeted to the UK market and making mum-to-be feel special before the baby is born. We want everyone who attends to feel comfortable at these parties, so we recommend a gift that is either pamper, is practical or brings a smile to the face of the expectant mum.

We offer a great selection of baby shower gifts that are just perfect for Mum-To-Be. These range from practical lotions and potions to use during labour to pampering treats that she can use herself once baby arrives. One gift that has proved incredibly popular as a novel gift is the 'Squeeze To Ease' Stress Ball. This is an ideal baby shower present and made special with a label tied with a ribbon bow with the personalised message of your choice. We offer baby blue, pink and a purple ball to choose from. You can even select the skin tone of the baby image on the card! These are not expensive gifts being only £3.95, but shows your fun side and will be practical use at times of stress or throwing at the Dad!

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