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Our Top 5 Baby Shower Games

The following is a list of our top 5 baby shower games that we offer here at Babies Babies.   We have been supplying baby shower games and decorations in the UK since 2004.  View our full range of baby shower games.

1. Pin the Dummy Game

Our incredibly popular 'Pin the Dummy Game' involves an A3 glossy poster (which has a cute baby design on it), 20 adhesive dummies, 2 prize labels & a handprint keepsake.  Blindfolded guests take it in turns to stick an adhesive dummy onto the baby, with the one closest to the baby's mouth winning the prize!  More details can be found here.

2. Baby Prediction Game

This game consists of new baby prediction charts which have up to 30 spaces for guests to guess the sex, weight and date of birth of the new baby.  A fun little gamble could include charging £1 per guess, and when the baby arrives, the winner gets all the money!  This game is guaranteed to get a lot of guests involved and is a nice keepsake for the new mother.  Check it out here.

3. Who Knows Mummy Best - Quiz

How much do you actually know about the guest of honour?  This fun quiz challenges guests by asking questions such as 'Where was mum born?' or 'What is her favourite movie?' to see who is the most knowledgable.  Many guests have been known to get competitive over this game, and therefore it is definitely worth a spot on this list.  Grab your quiz now!

4. Baby Shower Charades

Charades has always been a hit at any party, so due to requests, we now supply a set of 12 baby shower themed charades.  Simply choose a card at random and act it out whilst guests guess what is on the card. Examples include bathing baby, making a bottle and so on... View more information here.

5. Mum's Advice Cards

Got something to tell the mum-to-be? These are a great, and often amusing, keepsake for the mum-to-be.  Guests fill these with words of advice, wishes and wisdom. They also act as a great alternative to a guest book.  Get your cards here.

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