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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Ideas For Your Baby Shower

    If you are having a couples shower remember to make it “guy approved”. As you plan the events think about how this might affect your selections for the theme, the decorations, the colours and the games (or lack of games). Overall, think about how to tone down the “adorable” factor and play up the interaction among guests. See our new quiz game for Daddy!

    We have lovely hand finished guest signing books to pass around at the shower for all your guests to sign and write their special messages to mum. A lovely keepsake for mum.

    Create a memory book or box of the event. Take lots of photos, everything from the guests, to the food, to the games and the gifts. Make special note of the current events of the day. Include a few small decorations or mementos.

    Your guest of honour will welcome some help with the thank you cards. When you purchase the invitations also purchase coordinating thank you cards. As your guests arrive, have each guest write her address on the front of the envelope. This will be a welcome time saver as the due date approaches.

    The mother-to-be will welcome motherhood advice from your guests. Pass our Shower My Baby Mum’s Advice cards and have your guests write down their ideas on everything from feedings, to naptime to bedtime. Provide a list of topics to get your guests started. Gather the cards and create a book to prevent to the new mum.

    Include your guests in a group photo. Make duplicate copies of the photo and give to the guest of honor to include as a memento in her thank you notes. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and treasure the memory for years to come!

  • Baby Shower Shopping List

    Here is the Shower My Baby Suggested Shopping List of items to buy in order to help you:

    Games: Perhaps 3-4
    Favours - Personalised?
    Gifts & Personalised Sash for Mum
    Thank you cards or Personalised Bookmarks
    Gift for Mum
    Gift for Dad

    Entertaining for any event is always easier if it is centered around a theme. A theme helps provide focus when it comes to decorating, games, food and perhaps even the location. Think about your special guest, her age, her interests and even the baby’s room décor to select the theme that is best for your event. You may also want to discuss this with the guest of honor as well to make sure your theme selection best reflects her personal style and tastes. We have lots of lovely themes to choose from – you will be spoilt for choice!

    Make your shower theme and event memorable! Carry the theme throughout the entire event. Start with the invitations and then think about how to apply the theme to decorations, food and favours.

    Deliver or post your invitations at least 3 - 4 weeks in advance so that your guests can respond and plan accordingly. Include any specific information that will be helpful to the guest, including the shower theme. Include your gift list if mum is having one.

    The length of your shower will vary depending upon the number of guests, the type of shower, the type of food served and the activities that are scheduled during the event. Think about the events for your shower and allocate time appropriately. Two to three hours should be enough for introductions, a few games, opening gifts and eating.

    Couples showers are growing in popularity. Be sure to give your mum-to-be the option of girls only or couples shower prior to developing the guest list. We now have couples themed invitations and tableware.

    If your party is at home, do not forget to decorate the outside of your house with coordinating decorations and balloons! This will help set the mood for the party and direct guests to the correct address. We can provide you with door and lawn signs.

  • The Baby Shower Quick Tip Guide

    Are you sending out Invitations & how many guests are you inviting?

    Are you having a theme? We have 23 Fabulous ranges to choose from. Decide on the decorations you want such as balloons, banners, confetti etc and do you need tableware? We even supply disposable wine goblets & champagne flutes!

    Are you providing food for your guests? If so what and plan how much you will need.
    Are you having an edible cake? If so, our glitter candles spelling Baby Shower will add the finishing touches to your cake.

    Are you going to play any games? If so how many? We suggest you think about the personality of Mum and the people you are inviting to help you in selecting your games. Shower My Baby has a great range to choose from including printed games with individual game sheets and games with props. Our party games are always a real hit with our customers.
    And if you are playing games, you will need prizes for the game winners. Our party favours are a favourite for prizes or you could buy bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates, pampering bath products etc..

    Are you giving a gift to Mum. We have a fabulous range of Unique & Stylish Gifts for Mum & Baby. And don't forget Dad! We now have stylish gifts for Daddy too.

    Are you giving favours to your guests as they leave? We have a large selection of party favours & favours bags if you want to fill these yourself. Make these extra special by attaching a personalised label to them. Our personalised bookmarks are a real favourite as they act as a Thank you too plus a keepsake for each guest.

    Are you sending Thank You cards? If so how many do you need?
    And finally please do not hesitate to call Shower My Baby if you need any help with deciding on the above as we are always happy to advise.

  • Who Pays For The Baby Shower?

    The host(s) will pay for everything needed to throw the baby shower, from the invitations & decorations to all the food & drink. This is why in many cases it can be beneficial to co-host the shower with someone else! But remember, just seeing the delight on the mum-to-be's face is truly priceless, and believe me, it is something she will never forget!

  • Who Should Be Invited To The Baby Shower?

    Generally speaking, you will either throw the shower for the mum-to-be and make it a girls-only affair, or throw the shower for the expectant couple, inviting the boys along too. However, from experience, we can tell you that most of the men we know glaze over at the typical subjects that tend to come up at a baby shower, from breast-pumps to what colour to paint the nursery.

    When writing your list of who to invite, think about who the mother-to-be/couple would like to be there, including close friends, workmates, friends from university, new friends from NCT/ante-natal classes, and of course family members (not forgetting the in-laws!).

    You may also want to consider whether anyone has children and whether you want to specifically invite them or not. We usually go by the rule that babies are always welcome, and due to the nature of the event, it's quite hard to discourage people from bringing their children, but if you haven't put it on the invitation, they should check with you first. If you really don't want children there, it's probably best to throw an evening baby shower.

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