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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • SMB's Favourite Products!

    - Our Bootie Favours! Gorgeous, personalised favours great for the host to give to friends and families for coming to their baby shower! Or even just as game prizes! Personalised label on the favour as well as being stuff with chocolate! Yum!



    Our Moulin Roty Collection - A fabulous range of toys and gifts from one of the finest toy makers in France - The beautiful Moulin Roty. This range includes cosy comforters, classic stuffed toy animals, the popular sleeping bag as well as high quality wooden toys. This fantastic high quality range of Gifts is perfect for baby Showers, Christenings, Naming Celebrations, New Baby plus Baby's 1st Birthday.


    Our Signing Books - A beautiful range of high quality signing books . All are hand finished with gorgeous detail in glitter and diamantes. All signing books arrive with a clear plastic protection box. A truly lovely keepsake for your celebration.


    Our Natures Purest Collection - A beautiful range of neutral products ideal for baby shower or new baby gifts. All products are made from naurally coloured cotton, which grows naturally in cream, green and brown. It is grown without using pesticides and is harvested by hand. The cotton is processed without using harmful chemicals.


    Our Advice Books - lovely designs in baby shower advice books to write your messages into. Gorgeous gift for a new mum-to-be, she may be worried about the small things, so this lovely gift with all your friends and families notes in will make her treasure it forever.

  • Baby Shower Party Packs

    Ever thought of having a baby shower but being put off by the cost of things? We know how that feels! Which is why we have created these lovely party packs which have all the most popular games and products involved!


    Have a look for yourself!  -

  • For new Dad's

    Pregnancy is seen as mostly a woman's thing. Few women believe that their partner really understands what's involved. And the fact is, many of us dads-to-be don't. We talk about it. We show interest. We empathise. We even try to read about it, at least a little. But let's face it, our experience of having a baby is fairly removed from the real thing until we're face to face with nappy changing and sleep deprivation. No dad can possibly relate to the minute-by-minute, close-to-the-heart, kick-in-the-gut reality of carrying a baby to term.

    But we can help and join in. We can be there to listen to the first heartbeat, we can cut back on the beer or wine, we can look over the naming books together, and more. Here are 10 ways you can be there, too.
    Face your fear
    If you feel a sense of unreality coupled with raw fear, you're only normal. Will you be a good dad?  Will labour go smoothly? You'd be odd if you weren't afraid. Our best solution for this natural by-product of humankind's greatest experience is to talk to your partner, your dad, your friends who are old hands at this parenting business.
    Pay attention
    You can't be pregnant, but you can participate by watching. Let your partner know you're enjoying seeing her pregnant body. Take pictures to record how her bump grows. Give her a back massage when she's tired. Feel the baby kick. Keep track of your baby's development -- no doubt you'll be amazed.
    Be there
    Try to make it to some of your partner's many antenatal appointments. And don't miss the chance to get a glimpse of your baby during an ultrasound. And, of course, attend antenatal classes, and work through the breathing and relaxation exercises together.
    Get healthier, too
    As your wife tries to improve her diet, give up alcohol and drink more fluids, you can support her by sharing these lifestyle changes. Eliminate bad-for-baby foods that might tempt her. Cut down or cut out alcohol yourself. Don't smoke.
    Love her changing body
    Understand that, as your wife's pregnancy progresses, she may feel unattractive. Even if you think that she is, don't let on! Meanwhile, you may also find that your relationship takes a back seat for a while. What with hormone changes, back pain, morning sickness, and an understandable preoccupation with the stirrings of life, your sex life may be a little less exciting for a while.
    Pull your finger out
    Your wife may be pretty demanding. Go with it. She's doing most of the hard work. The least you can do is to do the food shopping, send her flowers and indulge her late-night demands for cottage cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches.
    Memorise the route to the hospital
    This may seem obvious, but unless you're on a business trip when your partner's waters break, you'll be making that drive to the hospital for delivery. With your partner in the throes of labour on the back seat, you may not be in a fit state to navigate your way to the hospital. So do a dry run; make sure you know the route. And that you always have enough petrol in the car and that she can contact you no matter where you are or when she has to make that 'drop everything' call.
    Consider yourself a partner in labour
    Find out what she wants you to do when she's in labour. Does she want you to rub her back, help her change positions, soothe her and massage her, feed her ice cubes and offer her drinks or help her make decisions about pain relief. If you're up for it, ask your midwife if you can cut the umbilical cord.
    Shop, talk and make lots of decisions
    By the time your baby arrives, you and your partner will have bought baby clothes, prepared the nursery, bought and installed a car seat (hospitals won't let you drive baby home without one), settled on boy and girl options for your child's name; and determined whether to breast- or bottlefeed, and use cloth or disposable nappies. And you thought you had nothing to do...
    Prepare to be unprepared
    The nine months of pregnancy rush by so fast (believe it or not), that the experience can be overwhelming. Enjoy it, and don't worry if you don't have everything ready by the time baby shows up. You have his whole life ahead of you.

  • Gorgeous Baby Shower Cake

    Want to make your own baby shower cake for the special Mum to be? Here's a great recipe for a Gorgeous baby shower cake.



    Lemon Yellow Icing Color
    Rose Icing Color
    Royal Blue Icing Color
    Copper Icing Color
    Buttercream icing
    Royal Icing
    Color Flow Icing
    Roll-Out Cookie Dough
    Meringue Powder
    Color Flow Icing
    FoodWriter™ Fine Tip Primary Colors Edible Color Markers


    Clouds, Umbrella Handle, Head

    Cake serves 22; each cookie serves 1.

    18 x 3 in. Half Round Pan

    Star Nesting Cutter Set

    Cookie Sheet

    Cooling Grid

    Cookie Spatula

    Parchment Triangles

    Cake Board

    Fanci-Foil Wrap

    Plastic Dowel Rods

    7/8 in. Wide yellow satin ribbon
    1 in. Wide pink wired ribbon
    Waxed paper
    Paring Knife

    Step 1

    In advance: Make cookies. Roll out dough; use patterns to cut 4 clouds (reverse pattern for 2), head and umbrella handle. Cut 12 stars using 2nd smallest star cutter. Bake and cool. Set 3 stars aside. Place remaining cookies on cooling grid over waxed paper; cover with thinned color flow; let dry overnight. Pipe swirls on clouds using tip 1 and full-strength color flow. Draw faces on iced stars and head with black FoodWriter. On head, pipe tip 3 nose and cheeks in full-strength color flow. Wrap 8 in. of dowel rod with yellow ribbon; leave 4 in. unwrapped to insert in cake. Attach cookie handle to rod with full strength color flow; let dry. Tie on a pink ribbon bow. Set aside. On waxed paper, using royal icing, pipe six tip 127 ruffle garlands 2 3/4 in. wide x 1 1/2 in. deep; make extras to allow for breakage and let dry. Pipe 7 tip 8 white balls for garland points and 1 tip 12 rose ball, (flattened to 1 in. diameter) for umbrella button. Let dry.
    Step 2

    Ice 1-layer cake (2 in. high) smooth in buttercream. Pipe tip 8 bead rib lines on umbrella. Randomly pipe tip 3 dots on cake top. Attach royal icing garlands, balls and button to cake with buttercream. Insert umbrella handle. Ice and stack 3 plain star cookies under head. Position head and add clouds and stars.

  • Baby Showers

    The first baby shower is thought to have occurred late in the 1800’s and got its name from the ‘showering’ of love, well wishes and most importantly, gifts for the new mum-to-be. It was originally a small tea party for her closest friends & family, the gifts were traditionally practical and in times gone by, hand-made.

    When these mum-centric parties originally started, they were only held for the first baby of a new mum, but that has changed now (do we really need an excuse for presents!) into an event held for every new addition to the family. Normally a baby shower is organised and thrown by a female family member, although this practice has also changed over the years, where female friends regularly throw baby showers.

    Baby showers can range from elegant formal affairs, with each detail meticulously planned, to much less ceremonial events with just a few friends and family gathered together over a meal to celebrate the coming birth. Some baby showers have a theme based on gender, some funny story regarding the baby’s conception or something close to the new mum’s heart. Others without a theme are just as fun.

    Very few things compare to the excitement of a new child, and the baby shower, in many ways, mirrors the trials and tribulations that every expecting mother is experiencing.
    Baby shower party

    It’s sometimes tough to second guess what the new mum might like best in terms of a baby shower party. Is the new mum a princess or a bit of a diva? Then chances are she’d love a royal gala complete with a regally worded invitation, a banquet fit for a King, a throne for the ‘Queen Mother’, and a mock coronation. If that all sounds too hard or over the top, then go for something simple. Consider a BBQ or teddy bear’s picnic in a picturesque spot, an elegant morning tea at a favourite café, or champagne brunch on someone’s home veranda decorated with garlands of flowers in pink or blue.
    Baby shower ideas

    If you’re looking for baby shower ideas, then you’re probably either a member of the family or a close friend or workmate of the parents-to-be. That means you’ll have a pretty good idea of their likes and dislikes. This information is a good starting point for coming up with a theme – and having a theme makes it easier to come up with baby shower ideas that will make the event extra special, fun and memorable.

    Why not have a look at our baby names section for a source of potential names for your new born child. Baby names can be a great topic of discussion and we have many names from different cultures, nationalities and meanings.
    Baby shower invitations

    Baby shower invitations set the mood and tone for the upcoming celebration. Invitations should be sent out at least a month before the shower, so get your skates on if the party is going to be soon.

    The internet has made designing any kind of baby shower invitation a breeze, you can choose the style, colour scheme, picture etc, so you can really tailor your invitations. There are lots of printing options, you can make them by hand, or even buy them from a newsagency ready to go. We have lots more information on designing and creating baby shower invitations to inspire even the most reluctant shower thrower.
    Baby shower games

    You have enticed all the closest friends and family of the mum-to-be to the imminent baby shower. Now you have to think about things to keep the guests occupied. As soon as you introduce some games into the equation, you will be amazed to see how the inner-child in your guests comes out to play. Games put a little excitement into a baby shower and get the guests interacting; it also sets a more casual mood that will encourage conversation. The Huggies baby shower games section has a whole heap of baby shower games that you can play at the celebration. Once you have decided on your games, you will then need to collect all the materials for them, including the prizes if you have a planned a special prize for each game.
    Baby shower gifts

    It is a tradition for each guest to bring a gift and to also receive one from the hostess of the baby shower. The gift you bring could be for the bub or for the mother or father. Choosing a gift to bring shouldn’t be hard, especially if you decide to get one for the new arrival; department stores and baby boutiques offer a massive range of items suitable for baby shower gifts. But if you’re the hostess, finding baby shower gifts for the guests could be tricky! Huggies has some great baby shower gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift for the new mum to be.

    Hosting a baby shower can be a significant experience for everyone present without breaking the bank. Think outside the box, offer inexpensive entertainment from the heart, and ask other family members for help. The group welcoming the new bub into the world can all celebrate baby’s entrance together while hosting a shower that everyone will remember. Good luck, have fun, and remember: baby showers are about sharing good times! Keep this in mind, and there is no problem or challenge that you can’t overcome.

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