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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Baby Shower Tips

    Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences in the life of a human being. You must be planning to make every moment in the life of the baby a special one. Then how can you stay behind in welcoming the baby into your life. Most baby showers happen before the baby is born. This is to welcome the new family member and to let all people know of your happiness. If you are planning for a baby shower then get these baby shower ideas to make the day all the more special.

    Invitations- The first step of planning a baby shower is in preparing the guest list. You need to sort out the people you want to invite and the ones you don't. Mostly the closest relatives of the couple are invited and it is a all girls party. But you can break the tradition by calling some male members of the family. After all, this should be a day of celebration for both the husband and wife.

    You might invite your guests over the telephone or send invitation cards. Make the planning for the baby shower accordingly. As you cannot go out to all the places for the invitation, someone else in the family has to take up the responsibility and put the baby shower ideas that you have into practice.

    Decoration- Yes, the decoration is no doubt one of the most important parts of a baby shower planning. You may even ask your family members if they have any ideas for the baby shower. Why not go for some theme party ideas for baby shower decoration.

    Try to go for a brunch party. In India this custom is popularly known as Godh Bharai. The would be mother is endowed with a lot of gifts from both the families. She is the queen of the house for that day. Also, a lot of rituals are followed to bless the coming child with all the good luck and favours.

    A tea party would also be a good plan for a baby shower. Do some proper baby shower decoration for the same. Get people to arrange tea tables and cute tea sets. You may also add to the baby shower decoration by placing floral central pieces on the table.

    Return Gifts- For planning the perfect baby shower you need to arrange for some return gifts for all the guests. This should not ideally be something for the adults. Rather go for some cute gifts like a small teddy bear or a children's story book etc. This will prove to be one of the best baby shower ideas.

    Try all these ideas and make your baby shower a special one.

  • Summer party drinks

    During the warmer months, it is important to keep your guests refreshed with plenty of quenching drinks, whatever their ages. We offer a few tips for sprucing up your summer party drinks. Just don’t forget the ice…

    1. Glorious garnishes

    Adorn guests’ cups with fun sparklers, straws and umbrellas, giving them a carnival feel. As well as these, edible decorations and garnishes, such as small skewers of fruit; apple, orange, pineapple and grapes, give them something good on the side. Try dipping glass rims into coloured fruit purees and sugar for a frosted look (you can try dipping them in drinking chocolate powder for milkshakes). Slice lots of citrus fruit to sprinkle into punch bowls and add cucumber strands and mint sprigs to serving jugs of plain tap water, which will add subtle flavour as well as colour.

    2. Stay ice-cool

    Stocking up your freezer drawer with filled ice trays will ensure you keep your drinks cold – it is all too easy to forget. If you are hosting a large crowd and you don’t have room for everything in your fridge, buy a cooler bucket or use a plastic bin filled with ice and cold water to ensure that the supply doesn’t dry up. You can buy fun reusable ice cubes which light up, as well as colourful plastic ones which won’t dilute your drinks and cocktails. Freeze mint leaves into your ice trays for pretty additions to cordials and Pimm’s.

    3. Summer serving

    If you are outside, it is worth investing in a few colourful plastic jugs for punches and squashes which hold a lot of liquid and save trips back and forth for refills. Plastic containers with taps work well for serving favourites such as homemade lemonade for a crowd, as even the smallest can help themselves. If you are theming the party, such as Alice in Wonderland, you could serve the kids their drinks from teapots to add to the fun. Another idea is to use a hollowed-out watermelon as a punchbowl if it is a tropical party theme.

    4. Think outside the jug

    Use your favourite drinks flavours in other ways. For example, many drinks and juices make fantastic jellies, from sparkling wine and fruit, fizzy Pimm’s and lemonade, to elderflower cordial and orange juice. You can add spirits, such as Campari, to flavour grown-up sorbets and granitas, and drizzle fruit or coffee liqueurs over vanilla ice-cream for an after-dinner treat. For kids, freezing a tropical fruit juice or punch and letting it thaw slightly for an hour or two before drinking will make a great slushy treat on a hot day. Otherwise, pour fruit juice into individual lolly moulds.

    5. T’s & C’s

    Tea and coffee aren’t just warmers for cold grey days – iced, they make wonderfully refreshing summer drinks too. To make iced tea, steep teabags and sugar in boiling water for 7-10 minutes, remove the teabags and allow to cool. Then add mint and fruit garnishes, and fruit juices such as orange and lemon if you like a milder taste. Serve over ice. Spruce up an iced coffee with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

  • Make Mum-To-Be Feel Special

    Mum-to-be might be getting irritated at this time in her pregnancy, so why don't you make her feel that extra bit special on her baby shower day by getting her a sash! This might seem like a simple idea but it's certainly effective, and something she will be able to keep after the Baby Shower has finished! We have a gorgeous range of handmade sashes, you can personalise them yourself or just get the 'mum-to-be' or 'yummy mummy' sashes that are our own slogans. They are a great idea and they really do make mum to be feel special!

  • Maternity Fashion!

    Ever wondered what to buy your pregnant friend? You don't want to get her something that might not fit.. or she might not wear.. etc. But we have the perfect solution right here at Shower My Baby. You can make your friend her very own maternity t-shirt! Wether you write your own message on the t-shirt or you use one of our slogans. It's your choice.

    A great range of high quality and fun Mum To Be T Shirts. Maternity T-Shirts available in BLACK, WHITE or GREY.

    Simply Choose 1 each of the following options below and we will send a lovely personalised T Shirt for your special Mum To Be.

    We offer Direct to Garment printing on your choice of T-Shirt colour, with a great selection of print colours to choose from. We use the latest technology in the printing process, which involves transferring flex print by heat on the t-shirts.


    · Fine knit gauge for high resolution printing and Belcoro Yarn for a softer feel
    . Maternity T-Shirts are a longer length with rouched elasticated sides for comfort and fit.
    · Cotton/Lycra rib crew neck with taped neckline for comfort
    · Twin needle stitching detail on sleeves and hem
    · 100% Cotton Belcoro Yarn
    · 160-165 gms
    . High Quality branded Fruit of the Loom, High Street Retail Branded or similar T-Shirts used.
    We recommend that you wash your T-Shirt inside out at 30 degrees and iron inside out. Do Not Tumble Dry.

    Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 & 20. Please order maternity t-shirts in your pre-pregnancy size.

    So now you are ready to create your personalised T-Shirts.

    Your t-shirt will be printed with the slogan of your choice and we will print and space this to fill the print area on the front of the t-shirt. If you would like a name on the back of your t-shirt, please enter this into the text box below and this will be printed in the font colour that you have selected. The image is simply to give you an idea.

    If you would like a name on the back of your T-Shirt, please enter this into the text box below.

    Please allow 7 working days for delivery of you personalised T-shirts.
    If you have a tight timescale please call us or email to ask if we are able to print your T-shirt quicker than a 7 day service.

    We can also print these for Daddy, Grandma, Big Sister and so on. Simply select from the slogans below. These will be printed on regular fit t-shirts and not maternity style.

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