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Baby Shower Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Edible Baby Shower Centrepiece!

    A Delicious Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea

    edible fruit bouquet

    Below are easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with pictures of how to make an edible fruit bouquet.

    This fresh fruit bouquet is a wonderful baby shower centerpiece because it is also a tasty addition to your baby shower food refreshments. Instead of making a fruit salad, make a fruit flower bouquet! It is a fresh, striking and unique baby shower centerpiece idea.

    ***** Instructions *****Depending on the size of bouquet that you wish to make, you will need fresh pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, and parsely. For the bouquet shown here, I used 1 large pineapple, 2 pounds of strawberries, 1 cantaloupe, 50 grapes and a handful of parsley.

    fresh fruit bouquet

    You will also need a few other items to make this edible fruit bouquet: a flower cookie cutter, a knife, a melon baller, kitchen scissors, bamboo skewers, a cutting board, a vase, and some floral foam or playdough (the floral foam is easier to work with, but the playdough works just fine)

    how to make fruit bouquet

    Step 1. Using your knife, cut up your pineapple into 1/2 inch thick slices. (I used 5 slices total for this bouquet, but you can use more or less).

    flower fruit bouquet

    Step 2. Using the cookie cutter, press each slice of pineapple and cut out a flower of pineapple.

    make an edible fruit bouquet


    edible fruit bouquet

    Step 3. Using the melon baller, scoop out one ball of cantaloupe for every 2 pineapple flowers. Cut the cantaloupe ball in half and lay the flat side of one half against one pineapple flower.

    fresh fruit flower bouquet


    baby shower centerpiece idea

    Step 4. Now take each pineapple flower and stick a bamboo skewer through the center. Make sure your skewer pokes through the pineapple about 1/2 inch. Now stick that part of the skewer onto a cantaloupe ball, but don't let the skewer stick out the other end of the cantaloupe ball. Do this for each pineapple flower that you have.

    edible fruit flower bouquet

    Step 5. Wash your strawberries (you can remove the strawberry leaves if you want). Then take each strawberry and stick a bamboo skewer into the top of it, but don't let the skewer poke out the other side.

    fruit bouquet instructions

    Step 6. Take a bamboo skewer and stick it through about 6-7 grapes. When you stick one grape on, slide it down to make room for the next one. Repeat this until your last grape. Make sure that the skewer doesn't stick out of the last grape (the one on top). Then slide each grape up the skewer until they touch the grape just above it. I made 7 of these grape skewers for this fruit bouquet.

    Fruit Bouquet

    Step 7. Put your floral foam or playdough into your vase.  I used a baby elephant vase here, but you can use a flower vase, a basket or something else. I do recommend using an opaque vase so the skewers & playdough are not visible through the vase. I used playdough for this fruit bouquet.

    fruit bouquet baby shower centerpiece

    Step 8. Now you should have all of your fruit on skewers. Place each skewer into the playdough at various angles. You will want to create a spherical shape to the bouquet, so place the outermost skewers on a large angle and make them shorter than the center skewers. I had to break a few inches off some of the skewers to get them to the right height (I used kitchen scissors to help me break the skewers). This step is the most time consuming because you want the bouquet to look perfect. If you have trouble, just start putting in skewers into the playdough. Then adjust each one to look how you want it. The key to this step is to adjust your skewer lengths. Don't be afraid to break a good part of the skewer off (if you break too much off, you can always use a new skewer - I had a LOT of extra skewers at the end). Also, the playdough tends to get quite full of skewers, so if you place a skewer in and it runs into another skewer, twist it a little bit until it slides past the other skewer. Another key to making your fruit bouquet look AWESOME is to have plenty of fruit. Having too few fruit skewers makes your fruit bouquet look bare and skimpy.

    Edible fruit bouquet

    By now, your fruit bouquet centerpiece will look something like this:

    Edible fruit bouquet baby shower centerpiece

    You could stop at this point and have a cute fruit bouquet, but I recommend you move on to Step 9.

    Step 9. Once all your fruit skewers are placed, place some twigs of parsley in-between the skewers. This fills in the bouquet, hides the skewers and makes it look more like a flower bouquet.

    How to make a fruit bouquet centerpiece

    Tip: You may have to remove a skewer and drop in the parsley from the top. This will give you a little more room to work with. After your parsley is in place, replace any skewers that you may have removed.

    How to make baby shower centerpiece

    Once you have the parsley in place, YOU ARE DONE! You have a delicious and unique baby shower centerpiece. It will serve as a beautiful baby shower centerpiece and your guests will love the taste of this fresh edible fruit bouquet.

    Fruit Bouquet


    Place this fruit bouquet baby shower centerpiece on your food table or somewhere prominent. When you serve the refreshments, you could have the guests just pull the fruit off of the skewers, rather than pulling the whole skewer out. That way, the parsely won't be falling out all over.

  • Baby Shower's on a Budget!

    Baby showers are a right of passage in pregnancy. They can be a great amount of fun. The problem is that so many people have started to believe that a baby shower needs to cost a pretty penny. The truth is that baby showers are designed to celebrate the pregnant mother-to-be and her baby. It's a gathering of friends and family to show support. Here are some ideas to have a great shower - without breaking the bank!

    Reuse Decorations
    If you happen to have some decorations saved from another shower, reuse them! Or pull out some strings of Christmas lights and hang them around the party room - they spice up any occasion. You can also use baby items as decorations, either yours or some from friends. Think kid books, baby bath lotions, stuffed animals, etc. These small things can really help set the tone and don't have to be overpowering to be effective.

    Eat off plates.
    I know it sounds crazy, but consider using your real plates instead of disposable plates. If you have a set of nice dishes, pull those out. If the thought of doing dishes really turns you off consider budget paper plates. That would be colored paper plates that don't have specific baby shower themes. You can find these at the grocery, discount party stores and even the dollar store.

    Buy in bulk.
    For food consider going to your local bulk food store. Here you can get a large selection for less. Think a huge bag of veggies and dip for appetizers. Many also have bags of candy or nuts to set out for munchies. My personal favorite is in the freezer aisle: frozen mini cream puffs and eclairs. Either way buying in bulk is likely to save you money.

    Bake the cake!
    Baking a cake doesn't have to be difficult. You can simply bake a long sheet cake in your own oven. Once it's frosted you can add some pre-made designed pieces of candy (like you'd purchase for a kid's birthday) or go for a simple style. For simple yet elegant, you can also make cupcakes. A nice cupcake sprinkled with colored sugar is very attractive. You can even arrange these in decorative format, like spelling out the word baby in cupcakes as a center piece.

    Guest Gifts for Party Games
    It's nice to give small gifts to the winners of baby shower games. These don't have to break the budget at all. Consider getting them at the dollar store. Even when you purchase gift bags and tissue, you're only spending $7 plus tax. You can even skip the gift bags and simply use the tissue paper and some old string or ribbon from your home. Dollar stores typically have some candles, nice bath stuff or picture frames.

    Baby gifts on a budget.
    If you'd like to give the mother-to-be something beyond the baby shower, which is a present in and of itself, consider inexpensive options. Coupons for babysitting, a gift basket of baby goodies from the dollar store, the promise of a meal after the baby arrives - these are all good ideas for budget baby shower gifts.

    Save money on the invitations.
    Consider using a service like Evite to send electronic invitations to your guests who have email. This saves on postage as well as the actual invitation an time. It's also a handy way to manage your guest list. What if someone doesn't have email? Drop them a nice note in the mail with a printed version of the online invitation and a note to call in their RSVP

  • Chic shower themes for mums-to-be

    Throwing a baby shower in the 21st century can be difficult for women who feel as though they are obliged to conform to traditional shower norms of the past - but breaking free from these conventions can often make for a truly unique and momentous modern day bash. If you're looking to celebrate a contemporary mom-to-be, here are some tips and tricks that can help you throw a memorable get-together that breaks all of the rules.

    Invitations. With the internet now often outperforming the postal service, it is acceptable and even preferable to send out e-vites rather than paper invitations for any sort of gathering and several websites are available online to help create customized guest lists and coordinate RSVPs. Although traditional baby showers are generally women-only events, inviting the dad-to-be and other fathers has become a popular trend in the last five years as an emphasis has been placed on the importance of co-parenting.

    Decorations. For a modern co-ed shower, traditional decorations in light pink and baby blue simply won't do and party hosts should plan on developing a theme for their event that can translate well across genders and generations, like a backyard barbecue. Display the various sonogram pictures that have been taken alongside pictures of the expecting couple by hanging them on a clothesline to show off the little one and get guests excited about the baby-to-be! Other decoration ideas include colored paper LED lanterns in funky shapes and bright colors, engraved glass photo vases containing pictures of the pregnant mother and her partner and personalized plastic champagne flutes for a celebratory toast.

    Food. Giving the dads of the party a chance to break out the grill will likely keep them busy long enough for gift-opening time, so food should be kept simple - stick to the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs that accompany outdoor gatherings. Asking each guest to bring a side dish is a fun and inexpensive way to make sure there is enough of a variety in the food served, and using personalized plastic cups and napkins is a decorative way to make clean up a breeze.

    Gifts. Asking guests to bring hand-me-down items is a fun way to spark conversations about parenting and will help the expecting couple better prepare for the arrival of their little one. Baby shower playing cards are an excellent shower favor for pic-nic style showers as they can be used throughout the actual celebration itself during any lull and will be appreciated by both men and women attending the event.

  • Cute-as-a-button baby shower cakes

    Savvy baby shower hosts can save a bundle on party costs just by making the shower cake themselves—but homemade confections have come a long way from the old days of simple single layer frosting designs. Here are some tips and tricks to help make cute and creative baby shower cakes that are sure to please party guests and the expecting mom-to-be.

    1. Use fondant.
    One of the easiest ways to class up a homemade cake is by using fondant icing instead of traditional creamy spreads. This useful product gives a smooth base that can be decorated or left plain and will still look amazing. For a homemade fondant that tastes like butter cream frosting, mix 1 cup shortening with 1 cup of light corn syrup, ½ (one-half) a teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract. Gradually add in 2 pounds of confectioners' sugar and stir until the mixture is smooth. Let the bowl of icing cool in the refrigerator until needed and roll it flat with a rolling pin on a floured surface before applying to cake.

    2. Get creative.
    You can use all kinds of objects to decorate a cake - frosting shouldn't have all the fun! Create a sweet baby theme by wrapping baby shower organza ribbon in pink or blue around the different layers of a circle cake with plastic stork decorations sprinkled around the top layers. For a unique look, dye fondant in either pink or blue and use a baby footprint cookie cutter to cut out tiny cake decals.

    3. Count on cupcakes.
    Decorating several cupcakes is always easier than one large cake as it gives you an opportunity to practice your designs and personalize each portion. Using designer cupcake wrappers and pretty individual stands can make cakes look instantly glam - without hardly any work at all. For a themed party, place small objects on the top of each cupcake like baby animal figurines for a jungle party, hand-painted butterfly decorations for a garden party or even candies like pastel pacifier sweet tarts in light pink, blue or multicolor. If you'd like to use cupcakes as a party favor, place individual treats inside multi-colored Chinese take out boxes for an adorable presentation and easy to carry take home treat.

  • Dadchelor parties are growing in popularity

    Does your best bro have a baby on the way? While baby showers are nothing to write home about, who says dad has to get left in the dust? He could use some pampering as well! That's where you and your buddies come into play. According to the Huffington Post, dadchelor parties are a growing trend, and it's plain to see why.

    Dad's days and nights are soon going to be completely booked up, and you can bet that's going to cut into your hang-out time. That's why you need to ensure that this celebration is super awesome. Best of all, dadchelor parties are easy as pie to throw. Take him on a pub crawl, throw a few presents into the mix, and you're done!

    If you'd like to mix things up a bit, you can have all of the guests bring in baby gifts in exchange for beer. Naturally, you'll want to do this a few weeks before the baby is expected. It could be pretty awkward if the dad-to-be has to stumble into a delivery room after knocking back a few!

    Don't forget to pick up a few great gifts for all the fellows who'll be joining you on this adventure. Something unique like monogrammed Bota wine bags are sure to go over well. You could also class it up a bit with engraved money clips or personalized leather koozies. No matter what you decide, the gesture is sure to be well-appreciated.

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