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Baby Shower Games

  • Baby Shower Chinese Whispers

    Baby Talk (Chinese Whispers)

    Choose one of the following phrases or make up your own along these lines:

    "Little Lilly Long-stocking’s itty bitty bonnet fell from the pretty pink pram into a puddle, and nanny knitting booties never noticed."

    " Bonnie Bobby loved to wear his booties in his brilliant blue bouncer while playing peek-a-boo with big sister Sarah who was really just as ickle as a pickle!”

    Playing the game:
    * Divide the players into two teams, each team sitting in a circle.
    * Whisper the baby phrase to one person on each team.
    * That person then whispers it to the next and so on.
    * The last player on each team announces the phrase out loud for everyone to hear.
    * The host then tells all the players what the original message was. The team whose phrase is closest to the original is the winner.

  • Traditional Game With A Baby Shower Twist!

    Baby Shower Pass The Parcel

    You know how we all loved to play 'Pass the Parcel' as a child and I bet you would still love it as much today now that you are all grown up! The only difference is that instead of putting a sweetie or piece of candy between each layer, you instead put one of our our Task/Promise cards. The guests who open a layer with a card are then to perform their given task for Mum once baby is born. A great way to help Mum out plus a real fun activity for your baby shower party. To buy a pack of laminated Task/Promise cards Click Here.

  • Great Baby Shower Game To Involve Daddy

    Fastest Baby Bottle Drinker!

    Have a few baby bottles filled with juice ready to drink. Start a timer and the first person to finish drinking is the winner. It is more difficult to drink out of a baby bottle than you would think! This is a great game to involve Daddy at the Baby Shower party. 

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