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Baby Shower Games

  • Fun Outdoor Baby Shower Game

    Don't Drop Baby (Water Balloon Toss)

    Definitely best as an outdoor game. Fill up water balloons (serveral for each guest) and have each guest pick a partner. Partners take turns throwing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prize awarded to the couple who goes the longest without dropping their balloons.

  • Turn The Clock Back With This Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Riddle Quiz

    Nursery Rhyme Riddles Quiz

    Print out 2 copies of the Nursery Rhyme Riddles Quiz - Blank Quiz printout (click here), and 1 copy of the Nursery Rhyme Riddles Quiz - Quizmaster printout (click here). 2 pens are needed – one for each team.

    Playing the game:
    Split the guests into 2 teams. The host and the mum-to-be can take it in turns to read out the questions from the Nursery Rhyme Riddles Quiz - Quizmaster printout. Once all the questions have been asked, ask the teams to swap answer-sheets before the host reads out the answers. The team who got the most correct answers is obviously the winner!

  • Hold It Steady With This Tricky Baby Shower Game

    Pass The Dummy

    Give each guest a pencil/pen. Instruct guests to put the pencils in their mouths and keep their hands behind their backs. Place a dummy on one players pencil and have the players pass the dummy from one person to another, around the room without using their hands. If a player drops the dummy they are out of the game. The winner is the last person left in the game. Click here to buy large dummies for this game.

  • A Great Baby Shower Game For Nimble Fingers!

    Pins and Rice

    Hide some crystal effect mini nappy pins in a bowl of rice. Without looking, have the guests try to pull out as many nappy pins out of the rice as possible in a given time. The one to pull out the maximum pins is the winner. This is really fun game to play and you will be surprised just how hard it is to do.

  • Try Our Mystery Baby Shower Food Game

    Buy 10 tins or jars of baby food in a variety of flavours both savory and sweet.
    Cover each jar in white paper and as you do so write a number onto that jar, and on a corresponding bit of card, write in big letters what jar No. 1 contains. Carry on until all 10 jars are numbered, and you have cards numbered 1 – 10 with the correct food written on them. You will also need a plastic baby spoon (or a teaspoon will do), a blindfold and a bib.

    Playing the game:
    This is a game for the mum-to-be, but if she feels really uncomfortable playing this she can nominate someone else! The idea of the game is simply for mum-to-be to guess what each of the foods are. (Don’t forget to consider any allergies or dietary requirements of the mum-to-be when preparing for this game!)

    Place the bib, then the blindfold on the mum-to-be, then give her the baby spoon. First of all hold up the first card so that all the guests can see what the mum-to-be is about to be given. This usually gets a fun response from everyone! Then take 1⁄2 a spoonful from the first jar and feed it to the mum-to-be. She must then guess what the jar contains. This game is only a bit of fun, but a nice idea is to award the mum-to-be with a pack of nappies for each one she gets correct.

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