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Baby Shower Games

  • A Designer Baby Shower Game

    This game will bring out the t-shirt designer in your baby shower party guests. The baby shower hostess will need to provide t-shirts in different sizes so the baby can grow into each one in time, some pieces of cardboard to slip inside the shirt and fabric paints. There needs to be plenty of materials to work with as well as space to clean up and an area for the shirts to dry. Guests are invited to make a design of their choice on the t-shirt. The completed t-shirts are then given to the mum-to-be as a gift for the baby. The guests will love seeing the child wear the gifts they have made later on as he/she grows.

  • The Baby Shower Belly Bulge!

    To make the mum-to-be feel at home, ask the guests to attend pregnant, wearing maternity smocks stuffed with pillows! Then at game time have the guests replace the pillows with their gifts. Mum-to-be must feel each belly and guess the gift underneath.

  • Baby Bottle Bowling

    Set up 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape starting with 1 in the front. Give guests a tennis ball or other small ball and have them try to knock down all 10 "pins". The person with the best score wins. Click here for our fabulous range of personalised prizes.

  • Baby Shower Game Of The Week

    babyshower-142Shower My Baby's Baby Shower Charades was voted Game of the Week by our customers. You will have heaps of fun when you play this at your baby shower. Don't forget to add it to your basket!  Visit our Baby Shower Games section to buy.

  • Baby Shower Game For The Whole Family

    Balloon Pop/Action

    Write different actions on several small pieces of paper (such as eat a jar of baby food, or drink fizzy pop from a baby bottle). Insert the papers inside a balloon and then inflate the balloon and tie. Have guests pop the balloons by sitting on them then complete the challenges inside. If you like to make teams, have one person pop the balloon and the other person perform the action. You may time the guests to determine a winner. Click here for your Baby Shower Balloons.

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