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Baby Shower Games

  • New Egg and Sperm Race!

    Pin the tail on the donkey has had an official revamp for the baby shower community. The classic game has now been evolved into a game for adults to play too!

    This game requires you to pin the sperm onto the egg. Simply write your guests names onto the individual sperm stickers and hand to each player. Blindfold each player in turn and turn them around once or twice. Have them step forward and using only one hand, stick the sperm onto the poster bearing in mind that you need to be near the blue egg. After each player takes a turn, the one who sticks the sperm nearest to the egg is the winner. A brilliant way to bring the life (literally!!) to any Baby shower party.


  • Baby Shower Party Packs

    Ever thought of having a baby shower but being put off by the cost of things? We know how that feels! Which is why we have created these lovely party packs which have all the most popular games and products involved!


    Have a look for yourself!  -

  • Latest Baby Shower Game

    stickers-4Exclusive to & Designed by Shower My Baby. A Fun NEW Game! 'Remember My Name' Forfeit Game.
    We will provide you with a sheet of 12 name badges together with a list of 23 FUN forfeits & game instructions. The aim of the game is to call your guests by the name on their name badges such as Betty Bottle, Carly Crib, Wendy Wipes and so on - you get the jist!!.

    If a guest is called by their real name rather than the name on their name badge, then the guest who did this is required to carry out a forfeit, put money into baby's money box or both!

    This could be that you are asking each guest who is required to perform a forfeit is to put a contribution into baby's money box or they are asked to perform one of the forfeits on the sheet that we have sent you. You may want to also add some of your own forfeits too.

    This game is heaps of fun!
    If you have more than 12 guests and would like an additional sheet of name badges you can buy additional. This will of course be a sheet of 12 Different Name Badges in addition to the 12 sent with this game.

    This game was so much fun and I would highly recommend it for your party. We still talk about the hilarious names now after the baby shower party. Melanie Blyth xx

  • Favourite Baby Shower Games of the Week!


    A great combination of 5 of the Shower My Baby Printed Party Games for 10 guests. You can also add additional guest game sheets. GREAT VALUE FOR REAL FUN As this Package would cost £15.98 if you bought the games Individually.! Another Shower My Baby ORIGINAL & BEST SELLER.

    1. 10 Mum's Advice Cards- Guests fill in these cards with their words of advice and best wishes. These are a lovely keepsake for Mum plus act as an alternative to a guest book.

    2. Prediction Game (Guess the sex, weight, & date baby will be born - Keepsake chart for 39 guesses). One guest suggested paying £1 to play this game and the guest closest when baby arrives wins all the money! Great fun to pass around at the Baby Shower party.

    3. Our very Popular Pin the dummy Game - A3 Glossy Poster with our very cute Baby, 20 Adhesive dummies, 2 prize labels & Hand print keepsake ( A4 printed card for Mum to put hers and baby's 1st handprint onto. She can then frame this for Baby's Nursery or put it into her Baby Shower scrapbook or Keepsake Tin). Blind folded guests stick an adhesive dummy onto the baby & the closest to the baby's mouth wins the game. Remember to write each guest's name onto her dummy. Such good fun!

    4. The Fun Who Knows Mummy best Quiz - So how much do you know about the guest of honour? This is a fun quiz asking questions such as 'Where was Mum born?' 'What is her favourite movie?' etc... Guests have been known to get a little competitive with this one, hiding their answer sheets away from other guests so beware of cheats!!!

    5. A Set of 12 Very Amusing Charades designed by Shower My Baby.

    Charades is always a real hit at any party so by request, Shower My Baby has designed a set of 12 Charades, which are perfect to act out at your Baby Shower Party. This game will most certainly have all your guests howling with laughter at the party.

    We will supply you with a set of 12 credit sized cards, each one printed with a different charade for your guests to act out. Examples are Bathing Baby, Making a Bottle and so on - we don't want to give too much away!!!! Your set of cards will be tied with our very cute happy baby face satin ribbon, ready to present on the party table then simply ask the guest of honour to untie the cards in order for play to commence! For larger Baby Shower parties, you may decide to divide into teams in order to play Charades.

    PLUS 5 Prize labels. ALL for just £12.99

  • Baby Bag Mystery Game

    The Baby Bag Mystery game is a guessing game. For this game you will need about 5 paper bags or why not buy our Giant Mummy Chic Gift Sacks. You will also need an assortment of baby care items, pencil, paper and a stapler. Assign a number to each bag and place one baby item (or one type of item, such as a hand full of nappy pins) in a bag and staple it shut. The reason for the paper is so no one can see the shape of the item. Pass the bags around to the guests and have them shake and rattle the bags to determine its contents. The guests will then write their answers down on their piece of paper. After each guest has written their answers down, open the bags to reaveal their contents. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

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