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  • What is the favourite Royal Baby name?

    william and kateAs Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby due date fast approaches, speculation is really mounting over the sex and name of the baby, with Alexandra being the current favourite, which is one of the Queen's middle names.  There have also been some more unusual choices including three bets on Waynetta and two on Mohammed, but Alexandra remains the most popular with Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth and Victoria following in the top five choices.

    Over recent weeks betting shops have seen a flurry of activity at almost “unprecedented” levels as people who would not normally gamble take a flutter on the Royal occasion.  As the due day is fast approaching, activity is also building outside the hospital where Kate is due to give birth.

    William Hill has already taken £60,000 worth of bets on the baby’s name, and is expecting interest to increase even more as we get closer to the due date in mid-July.  The most popular choice of birth date at the moment is 17th July and the sex of the baby to be a girl.

    It has also been announced that babies born on the same day will receive a limited edition silver coin to mark this very special occasion.  Baby betting is booming with turnover expected to be close to £300k over the next week – a big increase on the royal wedding. The betting suggests we’re in line for a Princess with a 60/40 split in favour of a girl.

    The top ten choices for the baby’s name and the current odds are as follows:

    Alexandra – 7/2

    Charlotte – 11/2

    Diana – 7/1

    Elizabeth – 7/1

    Victoria – 7/1

    George – 10/1

    Eleanor – 12/1

    James – 12/1

    Alice – 14/1

    Mary – 14/1

    So what do you think and what would your guess be?  We look forward to hearing from you.

  • What gifts will Kate Middleton be given at her baby shower?

    What baby shower gifts could possibly be fit for a Princess?  and by this we are asking what will Kate Middleton receive at her baby shower, which must be imminent?

    Perhaps it will be a Dior sleep suit, diamond encrusted soother, Prada changing bag or anything with an expensive price tag.  But no, as the world’s favourite duchess likes to keep things clean, simple, natural, and surprisingly cheap, judging by some of her recent frequented shopping destinations.  Although the royal baby shower is still a rumor and the baby shower registry is just a sniff of an idea, that’s not stopping us from speculating on what Kate would want to receive for her little bundle of joy!

    However, we can tell you that just yesterday Pippa Middleton bought from us one of our squeeze to ease balls.  Could it be a quirky and novel baby shower gift for her sister Kate we ask ourselves?  Well, why not as this is one of our best selling baby shower gifts and no Mum to be about to go into labour should be without one!

    stress_20ball_1This is such a novel baby shower gift, exclusive to us that will be sure to raise a smile on Mum's face.  Ideal for her to squeeze during labour or to throw at her partner!!

    We will send your labour stress ball wrapped in cellophane and tied with hot pink satin ribbon & label saying GOOD LUCK & personalised with Mum's name. For Example GOOD LUCK Kate! or the message of your choice.  A lovely item now ready to give as a unique gift that looks fantastic.

    This is also a great gift to give to  a colleague as she goes onto maternity leave or simply to give to a friend when she announces her news that she is pregnant!

    Great price at just £2.95

  • Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Surprise

    It's baby shower time for Kim Kardashian and she reveals that she and Kayne West are to have a girl.

    kourtneyKim along with about 100 of her nearest and dearest, gathered together recently at the Beverly Hills pad of Irving and Shelley Azoff to celebrate the imminent arrival of her baby girl.  The ladies brunch began around 11.30am and all the guests were all given handmade wildflower wreaths to wear on their head.  The backyard was decorated with white drapes and white flowers.

    Guests were offered a traditional buffet of eggs, bacon, lox and bagels, pancakes and waffles, along with an omelette station and mimosas to drink. To satisfy their sweet tooth, a dessert station was set up, which offered pink cotton candy, pink lollipops and strawberry shortcake.

    Kim wore a long, floaty ivory dress with flat sandals, and styled her hair into three braids with gold ribbons.  Kris Jenner gave a tearful champagne toast, talking about her daughter's new chapter and welcoming Kanye's family (who were also in attendance).  Kayne did make an appearance near to the end of the party.

    So now all that is left after such a lavish celebration is to wait for the big day when this little girl makes an appearance into the 'Kardashian' world!

  • Plans for Kate's Baby Shower

    Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge will be the first royal ever to have a baby shower.  This is being organised by her sister Pippa, who is a party organiser and plans to hold an amazing baby shower celebration for her sister Kate.

    kateKate, 31, has the blessing of the Queen for the event with her  family and close friends after weeks of planning by her 29-year-old sister Pippa.

    A friend said: “It isn’t royal tradition but Kate isn’t a traditional Royal.”

    The baby shower celebrations will be a real family affair, including a cake in the shape of a dummy made by brother James, who runs his own baking company.

    Party bags will be handed out and are believed to include candles and gifts from stores Jo Malone and The White Company. The friend added: “She is modern and wants a normal life and is the modern royal link to the younger generation.

    Having a baby shower is not part of Royal family tradition, but Kate and William are modern and there is certainly now a modern way of thinking.  It will be such a lovely day for everyone and Kate is doing this with the blessing of the Queen.

    The event is believed to being held at The Middleton's family home in Berkshire, but the date of it is a closely guarded secret.  As Kate is due to give birth in July, we are certain that it will be any day soon.  So join Kate and if you want to celebrate with a pregnant friend, then organise a baby shower party for her and you will find all you need for this at

  • Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Plans

    kim-kardashian-pregnant-nude--227x300Plans for Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower are well under way.  The invitations have already been sent out to a select group of friends and family members for a June the 2nd baby-themed bash to celebrate the impending arrival of Kim and Kayne West's first child.

    But as you would expect, these were no ordinary baby shower invitations bought from the shop, but in fact put inside music boxes!  They arrived at their intended destinations and when opened, played Kanye's tune, "Hey Mama," the tribute track he wrote for his own mother. The tune played as a wind-up ballerina twirled.

    So if the invitations are anything to go by, the baby shower is going to be a somewhat lavish affair as they plan to go all out!!

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