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New Baby

  • Mo Farah's Baby Twins!

    Double Olympic gold medalist MO FARAH has proudly introduced his newborn twin daughters Aisha and Amani exclusively in HELLO! Magazine.
    In the article the athlete says: "I dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion and to do it twice in your country with a stadium of 80,000 people shouting your name, it doesn't get better than that.
    "Then for my wife to have two healthy little girls, well there's no way to describe it."
    His wife 26-year-old Tania, agrees: "It's like a fairy tale. We couldn't ask for anything more”
    She goes on to explain: “Twin one, the eldest, is Aisha,Twin two is Amani.”
    Aisha weighed 5lb 20z while Amani was 4lb 40z.
    "We wanted some free stuff from Armani," jokes Mo, before explaining that they wanted Muslim names that began with A.
    Mo says he cut the umbilical cord and held the twins first.
    They told HELLO! they were both concerned that Tania would go into labour during the Olympics, but they had agreed that they’d keep the news from Mo if this was the case.

  • Superdad David Weir shares the glory with his toddler

    Paralympics superstar DAVID WEIR, was cheered on at every event by his pregnant fiancée, Emily Thorne, and their one year old son, Mason.
    David, 33, now known as The Weirwolf, even took little Mason on a celebratory ride up the Mall after winning his fourth gold medal of the games in the marathon.
    Emily, 23, had earlier said that their unborn daughter, due next month, seemed to give a kick when David crossed the line in his 800m race in the stadium.
    But it was David’s victory in the marathon that made him the most successful wheelchair racer of all time.
    Afterwards the athlete admitted he wasn’t quite sure where the marathon finish line was – so just kept going to be on the safe side.
    David joked immediately after his victory: “I hope she hasn’t given birth early!”
    Following months of grueling training, David is off on a lads’ holiday in Ibiza, after getting permission from Emily.
    She said: “I am so proud of him, he deserves it for all his hard work. I said he should go away as a reward for all his hard work – as long as he’s back in time for the baby.”

  • Baby Steps to Sweet Dreams

    There’s nothing sweeter than capping off a long, active day with some special bonding between you and your baby. Fill your child’s bedtime routine with some simple, loving steps that will naturally build beautiful memories for the both of you, and hopefully make way for a peaceful night of sleep.

    Bathtime Beginnings
    A nice warm bath is a wonderful ritual to kick off your bedtime routine. It offers Baby the chance to splash, play and get those last wiggles out of his system, but the water also provides a warm, calming environment that cues him it’s time to wind down. Engage your child with squirty bath toys or finger puppets to make the time together even more fun. Fill small storage containers with various dry goods like noodles and beans and you have instant shakers that babies will love.
    Pajama Party
    Get cozy with your cutie by snuggling him up in comfy pajamas and, if possible, throw on some of your favorite lounging clothes, too. The wardrobe change will put you in a relaxed frame of mind that will shine through to your child. A calm Mommy and Daddy lend themselves to encouraging a tranquil mood for Baby.Setting the Scene
    Once Baby has been outfitted in her jammies, do your best to keep outside disturbances or stimulation, like the glow and sounds of a nearby television, to a minimum. Create an environment that suggests sleepy time is not far away by turning the lights down low in her room, lowering the volume of your own voice and keeping your tone soothing. At this point activities should be gentle ones, and while giggling is always welcome, it’s not the time for a rabble-rousing tickle session.

    Let the Music Play
    You’re constantly trying to get to know your baby, but let him into your world by sharing some of your favorite tunes. Music can be so soothing, so choose a playlist of mellow songs that you love and introduce him to the artists that he’s bound to hear for years to come. Sing along or hum the melodies to really put a smile on your child’s face.
    It’s the perfect time to turn your child on to reading – while they’re still a captive audience! At this age, while they may be teething wildly, it’s probably best to stick with board books because your baby will inevitably start trying to chomp on the pages and those certainly hold up best to bite marks. Choose books with lots of color that have an almost sing-songy rhythm to them to help lull your child into a sleepy state.

    Picture Perfect
    The quiet of the evening is a nice time to sit with your baby and go through family photos, pointing out familiar faces and reconnecting your child with relatives that she may not get the chance to see very often. You’ll be sharing a part of your history with her and she’ll enjoy looking at all of the smiling faces. It’s a tender touch to add to the bedtime routine.

    Rock Out
    Find a cozy spot, like a glider or rocking chair if possible, where you can read to baby or simply cuddle while you prepare him for a night’s rest. Rocking will pacify the both of you. You might be swaying to settle your child down, but it can’t help but provide you with a little bit of peace after a long, hard day, too. If neither is an option, simply find a comfy chair where you can curl up and make that your relaxing spot with Baby where he knows he can go to calm down, whether before a nap or before bedtime.

    Sign-off Sweetly
    Whether you purely wish your baby a good night or have your own unique catchphrase for her, uttering the same words each and every night at bedtime offers a reassuring touch of familiarity. These words strengthen your bond and quietly let your baby know that you’re always there for her.Treasure Everything.

  • 6 Baby Toys You Already Have in Your Own Kitchen

    It seems that no matter how many toys you buy, babies gravitate toward non-toys above all. The up side to this? You already have a toy box treasure trove right in your kitchen cupboards. Here are some great toys I’m sure you already have that your little one will love!
    1. Lids
    Banging things together to make fun new sounds is a favorite past time for babies and lids are perfect for this activity.
    2. Whisks
    Another fun toy for banging against things and chewing on. Find one that has a rubber handle for added texture and sensory exploration.
    3. Muffin Tins
    Muffin tins are great for babies to sort objects into. Even if they aren’t at the point of intentionally sorting items, they’ll enjoy dropping things into the tins nonetheless.
    4. Spatulas
    Spatulas make great teething toys for babes. The rubber tip and the wooden handle are both great for teething on.
    5. Storage Containers
    Fill small storage containers with various dry goods like noodles and beans and you have instant shakers that babies will love.
    6. Measuring Cups and Spoons
    These are just as great as musical instruments in the eyes of a baby. Your baby will enjoy jingle jangling these together endlessly.

  • Adele's Baby Bump

    Baby on board!
    British singing sensation Adele stepped out in London Tuesday with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, giving us a glimpse of her growing baby bump.
    “I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together,” the Grammy winner, 24, said in a statement in June.
    “I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited.”

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