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New Baby

  • Why Is Your Baby Crying?

    Your new baby is delivered with a limited, but very effective way of communicating and that terrible racket is CRYING!!  The average baby cries for about an hour in total each day.  The good news is that there is almost always a cause for these crying spells and here are some of the most common ones:

    Discomfort - Change nappy, check if he is too hot or cold, make sure clothing and nappy are comfortable and not too tight.

    Hunger - Sounds obvious, but give him some milk

    Irritation - Remove the source of irritation, such as excessive light or sound.

    Stomach Cramps - Burp the baby or put him on his back and move his legs as if he's cycling.

    Loneliness & Boredom - Physical contact should help.  Baby Massage has many benefits too.

    Fatigue/Exhaustion - Relax the baby: feed him, bathe him, talk to him, rock him.

    Illness - Consult your midwife or doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary.  Otherwise a cuddle usually helps.

    One in ten babies is outfitted with a capacity for excessive crying.  If your baby cries for at least three hours a day, three days a week, for three weeks or more, ask your paediatrician what can be done.

  • Identical Triplets Born Naturally

    A New Mum has defied odds of 200 million to one by having identical triplets naturally.

    BABY2_1718786aChantel Pinchon, 20, was thrilled when she gave birth to her 3 baby girls  Rose, Lexi and Ruby just two minutes apart.

    She and fiancé Lewis Reddie, 24, now have FOUR babies under one — the triplet girls and their son Michael who is only nine months old.

    Shop worker Chantel said: “It was a huge shock, especially as the pregnancy wasn’t planned.

    "But I feel so lucky now they’re all here and healthy. We keep getting asked if it was through IVF, but it wasn’t.”  it all happened so naturally.

    Chantal gave birth by Caesarean section at Great Western Hospital, Swindon, Wilts.

    First came Rose weighing 4lb 2oz, followed by Lexi at 2lb 13oz and Ruby at 4lb 1oz.  Because they were born seven weeks premature they are being looked after in a special care unit until they are well enough to go home.

    Army reservist Lewis said: “You really can’t tell them apart, although Lexi seems to fidget the most.”

    The couple will need to buy a huge 6,000 nappies in the next year which led Lewis to say:  “I’ll be doing my fair share of the changing.”  Looks like Chantal and Lewis are going to be somewhat busy for the next few years and certainly will have their hands full when they all go home!


  • The Benefits of Baby Massage

    Touch is so important to our health and wellbeing. Think about the times when you've felt sad or alone. Didn't a hug from a friend make you feel better? Likewise, your baby also feels better when held and comforted by your loving touch. In fact, studies have shown that touch therapy, including baby massage, contributes to a healthy weight gain, enhanced growth and social development in babies.

    Language scientists are now beginning to understand that in many ways, touch is our first language. Gentle and loving touch can help small babies grow stronger and feel less anxiety. In many hospitals and birth centres, newborns are placed on the mother's chest or abdomen to give them as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The touch between the mother and her baby brings them emotionally close – a process known as bonding or attachment. In fact, in one study, premature infants who were massaged while at the hospital gained more weight and were ready to go home with their parents earlier than preemies who were not massaged.

    Babies Babies offer both a baby massage oil with a guide to baby massage that has a step-by step guide to carrying out baby massage correctly and offering the most benefit.  As a parent you have the opportunity to set a positive blue print for your baby's life by massaging them gently from birth and as they grow.

  • Whoppa of a Baby Born!!

    George is one of the biggest ever babies to be born in the UK, weighing a whopping 15lb 7oz.

    George was born after a 16 hour labour during which he nearly died and is double the average weight of a newborn baby. Mum Jade Packer was completely shocked as she never expected him to be so big as her midwife had indicated that he may weigh around 10lb, which itself is a large baby.

    George was born on 11th February 2013, which was 11 days after his due date.  Due to his broad shoulders he got stuck during delivery and because of this was only given a 10% chance of survival. This caused him to stop breathing for approximately 20 minutes, but fortunately nurses at the Gloucestershire Royal Infirmary managed to resuscitate him.

    After spending 2 weeks in the specialist baby unit at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol, George was allowed home with Mum Jade and dad Ryan King.

    After just a month at home, George is already over 2ft tall and is wearing baby clothes for a 6 month old.  But this is a happy ending and both Mum and dad are said to be overjoyed, despite the worries as George entered into the world.



  • Is Organic Food Best For Your Baby?

    Of course we all want to give your baby the very best start. Babies’ bodies are young and vulnerable and growing rapidly - their organs, immune systems and other vital body systems are at an important stage of development.

    So it’s good to know that organic means natural, pure and healthy with no harmful chemical pesticide residues or other unwanted extras.

    On average, organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals, as well as protective antioxidants and Omega 3 - which are perfect for your growing baby.

    So it is something to consider to whether you decide on organic foods for your new baby.

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