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New Baby

  • A traditional name George & what does his star sign mean?

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have embraced 300 years of royal tradition by naming their new son George Alexander Loius.  The third in line to the throne will be formally known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, setting him up to become King George VII when he is finally crowned King.

    The name George is the most popular for British monarchs in present times and a tribute to the Queen's late father George VI, the new little baby prince's great grandfather.  The name Louis is the couple choosing to pay tribute to Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Prince Charles's mentor who was murdered by the IRA in 1979.

    cancerAnd what does his star sign symbolise?  The new Prince's star sign of Cancer means he'll be devoted to family life.  Like Prince William and his late mother Diana, Kate and William's son is a Cancerian, which is known for being domestic and maternal.  Cancerians take great pleasure in spending time with their family at home.  They also like to uphold tradition and respect family history which bodes well for a member of the royal family.  Members of this star sign are typically patriotic and keen to wave their flag whenever the chance arises.  This couldn't be better for their son, who is 3rd in line to the throne and could one day be head of the military.

    The symbol of Cancer is a crab, which means they lie to retreat under their shell if they're not in the mood for company.  So let's hope the prince is able to escape the spotlight in order to get some privacy.  They also love sport and like being a member of a team.  They are also kind and sympathetic people so all in all life should be pretty good for our new royal Prince as he grows.

  • Royal Baby Boy Is Born - A new Future King

    baby with crownHow exciting - we have a new Royal Baby boy.  But as yet no name although George, James and Philip seem to be favourites.

    The world eagerly awaits the first glimpse of the baby born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - a boy weighing 8lbs 6oz born at 4.24pm on Monday 22nd July 2013.  Everything appeared to go really well for Kate whilst in labour as she gave birth to her 1st child.  Here at Shower My Baby, we wonder whether she put to use our squeeze to ease stress ball that Pippa, her sister bought from us just a few weeks ago.  If so we hope it helped to ease the pain!

    The Mirror's royal reporter Vicky Smith tells us that Kate's parents, the beaming grandparents arrived by taxi at the Lindo wing this afternoon and are thr first relatives to visit William, Kate and their new baby.

    She says: "Kate's parents smiled for the cameras and looked happy and relaxed.  They were greeted with cheers from the crowds who are waiting outside of St Mary's Hospital, London for any further news of when the new family will leave and show the new future King to the world.

  • What is the favourite Royal Baby name?

    william and kateAs Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby due date fast approaches, speculation is really mounting over the sex and name of the baby, with Alexandra being the current favourite, which is one of the Queen's middle names.  There have also been some more unusual choices including three bets on Waynetta and two on Mohammed, but Alexandra remains the most popular with Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth and Victoria following in the top five choices.

    Over recent weeks betting shops have seen a flurry of activity at almost “unprecedented” levels as people who would not normally gamble take a flutter on the Royal occasion.  As the due day is fast approaching, activity is also building outside the hospital where Kate is due to give birth.

    William Hill has already taken £60,000 worth of bets on the baby’s name, and is expecting interest to increase even more as we get closer to the due date in mid-July.  The most popular choice of birth date at the moment is 17th July and the sex of the baby to be a girl.

    It has also been announced that babies born on the same day will receive a limited edition silver coin to mark this very special occasion.  Baby betting is booming with turnover expected to be close to £300k over the next week – a big increase on the royal wedding. The betting suggests we’re in line for a Princess with a 60/40 split in favour of a girl.

    The top ten choices for the baby’s name and the current odds are as follows:

    Alexandra – 7/2

    Charlotte – 11/2

    Diana – 7/1

    Elizabeth – 7/1

    Victoria – 7/1

    George – 10/1

    Eleanor – 12/1

    James – 12/1

    Alice – 14/1

    Mary – 14/1

    So what do you think and what would your guess be?  We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Third set of twins defies all odds

    A mother has defied the odds by giving birth to a third set of twins.

    Karen Rodger who is 41 and a dance lecturer along with her husband Colin, from Langbank in Renfrewshire were told that there was a 500,000-1 chance that her third pregnancy would be twins.  But then on 29th May 2013, the couple defied these extreme odds!

    The new arrivals are girls, but are not identical and were delivered by caesarean section with Rowan arriving first weighing 5lbs 8oz and two minutes later Isla weighing 6lbs.

    Mother has three sets of twinsThe couple already have four boys - 14-year-olds Lewis and Kyle and Finn and Jude who are both 12 .

    She said: "I just could not believe it. It never crossed my mind that it would be twins again, I just thought that just doesn't happen to people like me but I'm absolutely delighted."

    Mrs Rodger found out during a scan six weeks into the pregnancy and sent a text with the news to her husband.

    "He thought I was joking and immediately wrote back to say 'this is not funny'. I had to explain that it really was true," she said.

    "I still haven't really taken it on board because I was convinced I was having two boys."

    The couple are looking to convert the loft of their house into bedrooms for their eldest twins so that the girls can have their own room.  Boyfriends had better watch out with all the males already in the house!!

  • Twins Born Apart Head for World Record

    twin-girls-300x222The story of a set of twins from Waterford, Ireland  born 87 days apart may now be heading for a new world record in the record books.

    Today Amy and Katie are healthy twin girls, but there was a time when Mum Maria Jones-Elliot wasn't sure if either of her twin daughters would make it.

    “The doctors told me there was very little hope of them surviving as they were so premature," she told newspapers when her water broke at just 23 weeks into the pregnancy.

    Despite the odds, Amy was born on June 1, 2012. Four months premature and weighed a little more than a pound.  "Amy was fighting for her life in an incubator and Katie was struggling to survive in my womb," Mum Maria told The Mirror.  Doctors induced Mum Maria a second time on August 27th which was during her 36th week of pregnancy. After about an hour, second twin Katie emerged.

    "For a baby born at 23 weeks to survive is a huge achievement from everyone’s point of view," Dr. Sam Coulter Smith, chief of Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital and an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, told the Irish Times. "For a 23-week twin to survive is even bigger because twins often behave more prematurely than singleton babies. That really is right at the absolute border of viability."

    So this could be a new world record as the current record holder is Peggy Lynn from Huntingdon.  She reportedly gave birth to daughter Hanna and son Eric 84 days apart between 1995 and 1996.

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