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First Birthday

first birthday

  • Celebrating 1st Birthdays

    Celebrate your baby's first birthday in style with fabulous themes and decorations to make the day extra special. Shower my Baby also provides all the items needed to create the perfect party atmosphere.

    Cute ranges such as Sweet at one and Fun at 1, come in both pink or blue for your little princesses and princes to enjoy. Cake decorations and Cake moulds add the finishing touches to the celebration of your childs 1st birthday.

    Take a look at

  • Baby Tips

    Baby teeth tips

    Top 5 things to think about when it comes to your baby's teeth:

    1. Start from birth

    Looking after your baby’s teeth starts from birth. Ensure that they are given a range of both sweet and savoury foods so that they are given a selection of tastes from an early age.

    2. Cleaning first teeth

    Baby teeth begin to erupt at around 6-12 months.  As soon as they appear a cotton bud with water can be used to clean these teeth at the front of the mouth. This introduces the baby to the concept of cleaning teeth and is best done with the baby sitting on the mum or dad’s lap. Once the baby is able to wriggle then you may need help from another person - but making teeth cleaning into a fun game can certainly help the process.

    3. Use children's toothpaste

    When very young it is best to use a children’s toothpaste in a very small quantity initially until they get to like the taste. A pea sized amount should be used for children under seven and they should always be supervised when brushing to minimize the chances of swallowing.

    4. First trip to the dentist

    Two to three years is the best time to take your child to the dentist for the first time as most baby teeth have erupted by that age. The first trip to the dentist can be a tricky time so I recommend playing the ‘dentist looking in the mouth’ game beforehand to help them get used to people looking in their mouth. Initially the child may feel better being on the parent’s lap and over a couple of visits they will graduate to sitting on the chair. Highlight the fun element of the moving chair as it is moved into a working position!

    All children are different, and some won't be in the least fazed by the surgery, where others won't  be ready until they are four or five.  Parents shouldn’t worry too much about this - providing they are cleaning teeth at home with a fluoride toothpaste and have a low sugar diet then they should have healthy teeth.

    5. The right toothpaste

    Oral hygiene is so important at this young age so you should start with a baby toothbrush and progress to a child's size as they get older. The toothpaste you use must contain Fluoride as the daily application of fluoride in the paste helps to strengthen the enamel surface and resist the acid attacks from food. Make sure your child has a healthy diet; avoid fizzy drinks and food with high sugar levels. If you do give them sweets as a treat, it’s best for their teeth to have them after a meal.

  • Harper Beckhams 1st birthday

    Harper Beckham turned one on Thursday 12th! How quick has that gone?!...

    The moment she was introduced to the world...David Beckham made the world coo when he posted this adorable picture of new-born baby Harper on his Facebook page. She instantly became everyone's favourite celebrity.The moment she hung out with her older brothers... Newborn Harper very quickly hit the streets of LA with mummy Victoria and her three big brothers Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo (although she was asleep most of the time).
    Happy birthday Harper!

  • Victoria Beckham planning party for Harper

    Victoria Beckham is planning a lavish christening for her 11-month old daughter.

    The fashion designer and her husband David are hoping to combine Harper Seven's baptism ceremony with her first birthday bash in July and Victoria is busy making preparations.

    A source said: ''Victoria is over the moon to be doing what she does best which is planning events for her family. Harper's christening is her ultimate planning fantasy. Harper will be the centre of attention with two events, a white themed christening and her first birthday.''

    Victoria, 38, is also considering designing the tot's outfit for her special day.

    The insider added to heat magazine: ''Harper might even be wearing one of her mum's bespoke creations - Victoria can't decide.''

    Meanwhile Victoria and David's sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine and seven-year-old Cruz won't be left out as there will be plenty to keep them entertained.

    The source said: ''The boys are more than excited about Harper's birthday and have already requested a bouncy castle.''

    The former Spice Girls singer's friend Eva Longoria has previously revealed she is to be little Harper's godmother.

  • Fun Outdoor Activities for the Family

    If your kids have a tree house and want to make it their own, they can make a fun sign to express their tree house rules.

    Be sure to check out all of our summer craft selections, our camp crafts, classic crafts and scout crafts!

    What you'll need:

    Wood plank or slat
    Craft paint
    Large and small paintbrushes
    Foam stamps for decorating
    Twine or fabric
    White craft glue

    How to make it:

    Paint the wood slat whatever color you like and let it dry.
    Use a thin paintbrush to write your "rules" (i.e. "GIRLS ONLY" or "BOYS CLUB") on the slat, use a contrasting color so it can be seen.
    Use foam stamps to decorate your sign if you wish.
    When everything is dry, paint on a coat of sealer.
    For the hanger, you can cut a strip of 1.5-inch fabric and glue the ends to the back. You can also use jute or twine to tie around both the left and right sides, and then tie in a knot at the top. Secure the jute with some glue.


    Wooden slats are available at craft supply stores.
    Foam stamps are available from craft supply stores in a wide variety of themes and sizes.
    When "writing" with a paintbrush, load the paintbrush with a generous amount of paint, but not so much that it drips of the paintbrush.

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