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  • New Maclaren Products

    We have recently got some more Maclaren products in stock - we have gorgeous stuff from travel packs for baby to gift packs for new mum!

    "Purity, nurturing and connection" from the beginning... the beginning range places great emphasis on the need to restore balance and find connection in one's personal life. Most parents, especially those living in an urban environment, are constantly "on", always connected by internet, by phone or fax, which makes it very hard to find harmony and connection within. As stressful routines become a way of life, lines between day and night, work and rest, home and office are blurred, and imbalance creeps into daily life.

    With the beginning range we want to remind parents of what is important, to help them find rhythm and harmony in the midst of erratic schedules and a monumental life change, through simple everyday practices that nourish the senses and the spirit, using products that are safe, pure, organic and nurturing.



  • New Baby Shower Tableware Ranges!

    We have some gorgeous new tableware ranges here at Shower My Baby!

    1. Baby Girl Stitchings -

    If you love this baby pink theme, find more at


    Baby Boy Stitchings -

    If you love this baby blue theme, please find more at



    Rock-A-Bye theme -

    Our gorgeous neutral theme is perfect for any baby shower, Christening, birthday party! for more details and images please look at

  • Christening Favour Ideas

    We have loads of Christening ideas, as well as some for your guests. These include our special made labels which can be personalised to your own text and you can choose the image and colour.

    As well as personalisable bookmarks which you can write your own special message to all of your christening guests.


  • Pre Packed Maternity Bags

    Our Maternity bags give you every necessity you will need, which we will pack for you!


    Stuff that goes into hospital bags can typically be divided into two different piles. Pile A: the strictly necessary. Pile B: the fun bits. For the strictly necessary (socks, toothbrush, nappies…), I suggest you have a look here. For the bits that people forget to tell you about, but that might add to your overall sense of wellbeing, check the list below.

    Champagne: if there ever was a time when I felt I truly deserved champagne, it was post partum. Most of the major brands do small bottles (200ml) now. It’s entirely appropriate to sip them through a straw. And the task of keeping it ice cold for you will keep your partner busy.
    Salted almonds: go down extremely well with the champagne.
    Smelly candle: there is no nice way to put it; hospitals stink.
    Makeup: will make you much keener on taking those early family photos.
    A really nice night gown/lounge wear: to wear after the birth.
    Paper and pen: to hold on to those earliest thoughts on motherhood.
    Truffles: Why? Why not?!
    Dry shampoo: the day I decided I could put off washing my hair just one more day, I went into labour. 48 hours and one emergency Caesarean later, and I would have killed for a bottle of Batiste.
    A present: another job for your partner. Flowers are a great starting point.

  • New Products at SMB!

    A New Baby Countdown Timer

    See Exacty How Long to Go Until Your Precious Joy Enters the World. Makes a Wonderful Gift For Any Mother & Family. An ideal baby shower gift too.

    Simply set the timer with baby's due date and watch it countdown to the happy day.


    Personalised Labels

    Ideal for Christening & Naming Day favours or kids goodie bags.

    Please select your image choice below together with your personalised text. Labels are supplied with satin ribbon in a co-ordinating colour.



    Frames - Footprint Scan Photo Frame

    Laquer coated and tarnish resistant double hinged photo frame with 'Babys Scan' on one side and 'New Born' on the other. Each half has frame measurements of 14cm wide x 13cm high. Takes 2 photos size 13cm x 9cm. Bubble wrapped and boxed.

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