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  • Ideal Baby Shower Gift & Stocking Filler

    Looking for a Yummy Mummy Baby Shower gift? She's going to love receiving this rather gorgeous chocolate bar - stylish - just like her! Doubles up as a great card! Tied with ribbon saying chocolate to add the finishing touches.

    It not only looks good but tastes great too. Lovely milk Belgian chocolate. The milk chocolate is made with a minimum of 35% cocoa solids and the dark bar contains a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. The bar size is 100g and measures 8.5cm x 16.5cm.

  • New Products!

    Lovely mini album in cream, blue and pink. The albums are hand decorated with a sheer organza cute teddy motif which is outlined stitched using a fine silver thread, they are finished with tiny sparkling diamante. The album holds 24 photos and it is 100 x 150mm in size.

    We have albums for 1st birthdays, Christening gifts, New Baby gifts, Twins, and Baby Showers!


    And Many MORE!..

  • New Products!

    We have some gorgeous new favours for your baby showers! For Blue and Pink themes we have everything you will think of! Click HERE for more.


  • 5 fun winter activites for kids


    String up a Snowflake Garland:

    This is a great way for little kids to practice their scissors skills and for big ones to show them off. Have them fold squares of paper in half diagonally, then in half one or two more times so they end up with small triangles. Then draw shapes around the edges and cut out. Unfold the papers and press flat. Once you've got a bunch, string them up to hang on the tree, the mantel, or over a doorway. Have a toddler? Let him "decorate" the paper with crayons, markers, or stamps before you make the cuts.

    Unleash their Inner Van Gogh:

    Fill up a few spray bottles with water and various shades of food coloring, then send the kids out to create their masterpieces in the snow.

    Celebrate the Festival of Lights:

    Have your little one make a handprint menorah: Dip each hand in paint; ask your child to overlap his thumbs (this will create the center candle) and then press his hands, with fingers spread, onto paper. Wash hands, then have him dip a finger in yellow paint and dab the top of each candle to create flames.

    Glacier Jump:

    Toss a bunch of pillows on the floor. Each player must jump from "glacier" to "glacier"without falling in the "water". If she does, she's out. With each round, move the pillows farther apart until everyone is sunk.

    Make a Snow Globe:

    You'll need: a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid; a plastic figurine; waterproof glue; distilled water (you can also use boiled and cooled tap water); liquid glycerin (available at crafts stores); glitter. Let your child pick out the figure, then glue it inside the lid and let the glue dry. Fill the jar with water, a squirt of glycerin (it helps the glitter swirl), and the glitter. Screw on the lid tightly, then flip!

  • For those Early Bird Christmas Shoppers..

    We now have our Christmas Shop LIVE on !! Christmas is only 10 weeks away!

    We have gorgeous gifts for the whole family! From new baby gifts to gifts for Mum and Dad!

    Click HERE to see more!!

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