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  • What gifts will Kate Middleton be given at her baby shower?

    What baby shower gifts could possibly be fit for a Princess?  and by this we are asking what will Kate Middleton receive at her baby shower, which must be imminent?

    Perhaps it will be a Dior sleep suit, diamond encrusted soother, Prada changing bag or anything with an expensive price tag.  But no, as the world’s favourite duchess likes to keep things clean, simple, natural, and surprisingly cheap, judging by some of her recent frequented shopping destinations.  Although the royal baby shower is still a rumor and the baby shower registry is just a sniff of an idea, that’s not stopping us from speculating on what Kate would want to receive for her little bundle of joy!

    However, we can tell you that just yesterday Pippa Middleton bought from us one of our squeeze to ease balls.  Could it be a quirky and novel baby shower gift for her sister Kate we ask ourselves?  Well, why not as this is one of our best selling baby shower gifts and no Mum to be about to go into labour should be without one!

    stress_20ball_1This is such a novel baby shower gift, exclusive to us that will be sure to raise a smile on Mum's face.  Ideal for her to squeeze during labour or to throw at her partner!!

    We will send your labour stress ball wrapped in cellophane and tied with hot pink satin ribbon & label saying GOOD LUCK & personalised with Mum's name. For Example GOOD LUCK Kate! or the message of your choice.  A lovely item now ready to give as a unique gift that looks fantastic.

    This is also a great gift to give to  a colleague as she goes onto maternity leave or simply to give to a friend when she announces her news that she is pregnant!

    Great price at just £2.95

  • Freewheeling toddlers take parents for a ride

    pram skateboardersIt's a dilemma that many parents face - how to combine their love of skateboarding with the realities of transporting a toddler!  But the problem is solved as now a pushchair has been invented that combines the two.

    The longboardstroller, which has been created in Belgium is an elongated skateboard with a pushchair attached.  Its inventor says it will be an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by bus or car.

    PeterVan Riet states, "We were approached by Quinny to make a stroller that you can stand on.  Adults stand and use the handles to steer or they can lean from side to side.  We are thinking about safety features, such as what kind of brake it needs, how to attach the children as well as different board sizes."

    So for all you skateboarding fans out there, what do you think and what are your thought?  Let us know.






  • What Baby Shower Present Should You Give?

    It is the US trend to shower Mum To Be with lots of lavish baby gifts at her baby shower.  It is reported that Rochelle Humes, The Saturdays singer, wanted an all out American style baby shower and the gifts given certainly followed the US theme as she received not one luxury pram, but in fact five of them!

    When establishing baby showers here in the UK back in 2003,  we wanted the whole theme and idea to be very much targeted to the UK market and what we feel comfortable with here.  And this is the same when suggesting what gifts, if any to give at a baby shower.

    As there is still superstition here in the UK about giving baby gifts before the arrival in case anything goes wrong,  we thought a baby shower would be an ideal time to focus on and spoil Mum To Be.  After all, when baby arrives, poor old Mum doesn't seem to get a look in!!  Therefore ideal baby shower gifts are for Mum herself and these don't need to be expensive.

    We offer a great selection of baby shower gifts that are just perfect for Mum To Be.  These range from practical lotions and potions to use during labour to pampering treats that she can use herself once baby arrives.  One gift that has proved incredibly popular as a novel gift is the Squeeze To Ease Stress Ball.  These are an ideal baby shower present and made very special as they are tied with a label with the personalised message of your choice.

  • New Baby Shower Game

    So our latest is a twist on the old favourite and original game we designed, pin the dummy on the baby. This is the fun Egg and Sperm race Game. Priced at £3.95.We are always trying to come up with new and fun games to play at baby shower parties as more and more people are attending baby showers here in the UK.  We are often asked which different games do we have to the ones that were played at the last party attended as it will be the same groups of girls.

    This Egg & Sperm Wonder Woman Womb themed game is truly hilarious and will really create the 'fun factor' at your baby shower party.

    Based on the children's favourite game - Pin the tail on the Donkey, this game requires you to pin the sperm onto the egg. Simply write your guests names onto the individual sperm stickers and hand to each player. Blindfold each player in turn and turn them around once or twice. Have them step forward and using only one hand, stick the sperm onto the poster bearing in mind that you need to be near the blue egg. After each player takes a turn, the one who sticks the sperm nearest to the egg is the winner.

    This game includes:

    1 x High quality A3 Size glossy poster
    1 x Sheet of 20 adhesive sperm stickers
    1 x Prize tag with Winner of Egg & Sperm Race Game printed onto it.

  • The Benefits of Baby Massage

    Touch is so important to our health and wellbeing. Think about the times when you've felt sad or alone. Didn't a hug from a friend make you feel better? Likewise, your baby also feels better when held and comforted by your loving touch. In fact, studies have shown that touch therapy, including baby massage, contributes to a healthy weight gain, enhanced growth and social development in babies.

    Language scientists are now beginning to understand that in many ways, touch is our first language. Gentle and loving touch can help small babies grow stronger and feel less anxiety. In many hospitals and birth centres, newborns are placed on the mother's chest or abdomen to give them as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The touch between the mother and her baby brings them emotionally close – a process known as bonding or attachment. In fact, in one study, premature infants who were massaged while at the hospital gained more weight and were ready to go home with their parents earlier than preemies who were not massaged.

    Babies Babies offer both a baby massage oil with a guide to baby massage that has a step-by step guide to carrying out baby massage correctly and offering the most benefit.  As a parent you have the opportunity to set a positive blue print for your baby's life by massaging them gently from birth and as they grow.

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