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Ideas for Gifts for a Baby's First Year

Here you will Find a comprehensive timeline for baby gifts suitable for a baby's first year.

New Baby Comforter-
All babies love comforters and we have some gorgeous Moulin Roty ones which are very cuddly and suitable from birth
Hand and Foot Casting Kit-
Our casting kits create lovely memories for Mum and Dad. Just mold your baby’s hand or foot and frame it
Nappy Cakes -
We have some stunning and unqie nappy cakes which are a great gift if someone has a new baby.
Musical Soft Toy -
Give your little one a soft toy which plays music so they entertain themselves. We have some lovely Moulin Roty soft toys available.
Soft Slippers -
Give your little some some snuggle soft slippers to keep their toes cosy. We have some gorgeous cream Moulin Roty slippers for 0-6 months
Special Keepsakes -
We have some unique keepsakes for your baby’s special moments which can be personalised with baby’s name or a special message
Play Mat -
Play mats are great for 6 month olds, it keeps them busy and entertains them with colours, teddys and mirrors.
Hand Puppet-
Hand puppets entertain baby’s a lot. We have a lovely Moulin Roty one which will bring Mum and baby lots of fun
Personalised Clothes-
Write a cute message on your baby’s t-shirt or bib for a bit of fun. You can choose your own font, pictures and wording!
Breakfast Set-
As they grow so quickly it would be a nice time to buy them a personalised breakfast set with their name on and plenty of colours for them to be excited about breakfast time!
Personalised Blanket-
A lovely idea for a baby is to get their own personalised blanket which they will treasure for the first few years of their life. Something to know they’re safe and secure.
Soft Toy-
A soft toy is great idea for any age, they will find it amusing and attach themselves to a new teddy which is great to keep them entertained.
1 Year Casting Kit-
Gives the baby and Mum great memories of their first year together, with pictures and hand and foot castings of baby’s first year. a great keepsake for both.
A jigsaw for a one year old is a great learning game with all the colours and images on the jigsaw is a lovely gift for this age.
We have great CD’s for 1 year olds. Our CD’s have all the great nursery rhymes on them which will teach baby’s as well as have fun!