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Still thinking about whether to take the plunge and organise a baby shower? Well, we thought it would be nice to share real-life baby shower experiences, to give more of a flavour of what they are about, and to show how much fun they can be. We would love to hear from more of you after the event! Email your baby shower to us.

"My sister and a couple of my close friends organised a surprise baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Charlie. I really had no idea! I thought we were going out to lunch with my friend and her husband. When we went to pick them up, they said they were running a bit late, so they invited us to come in for a cup of tea. When I walked into the house, there was every single one of my female friends and family shouting "surprise!" I was totally shocked but really happy, and it turned out to be one of the best days of my entire pregnancy! The whole place was decorated in pink, blue and white balloons, and there was a table covered in so many presents! We played games, enjoyed the gorgeous party food and I opened the beautiful gifts. Even more importantly, it was a great opportunity to catch up with some friends that I hadn't seen for a long time, and just spend girly time together! Oh, and all the guys went to the pub to watch the football and play pool!"
Louise, Surrey - Mum to Charlie

My sister told me that she wanted to throw me a baby shower, and I loved the idea of it! All she wanted from me was to agree on a date and give her a list of people I would want to invite, and she did everything from there...When I arrived, she had really made a special effort, with a great spread of food, and a baby-bath full of ice, with bottles of champagne chilling in it! She made us all wear baby bibs while we ate lunch, which was hilarious, and we played a few games. One game involved me having to get questions right, and every time I did, I got to open a present! As we knew we were having a girl, and had decided to tell people, there were so many gorgeous pink things like shoes and dresses!
Ana, Kent - Mum to Lola

My friend told me to meet her at our local restaurant for lunch one Saturday, and when I walked in there were my closest friends, my mum and my mother in law! The table had been decorated with lots of baby-blue balloons and glitter confetti on the tables, and dummies scattered around the table! It looked really effective, and it was announced that this was my baby shower! We had a great time - in a funny way it reminded me of my hen night, only this time I wasn't drinking! It was just lots of girly fun, and a great memory to cherish. My mum knew that we had been saving to buy the baby buggy, and after secretly consulting with my husband, had clubbed together with the other girls to buy it for us! It was the perfect present. Everyone also got some fun things for me to unwrap like packs of nappies, cotton wool, nipple cream and that sort of thing!
Charlotte, London - Mum to Robyn

Well my first baby shower for a friend went very well, we had such a laugh on the day playing games and chatting away. The Duck soaps went down a treat everybody really loved them and the little charms we put with them, The mum to be had a very good time and she got lots of gifts. Thank you for all your informative help on your website of how to run a baby shower and the products sent which were sent to me so quickly, i will be ordering more bits soon as i have a second baby shower to organise for another of my close friends. Thanks. Stacy P.S I have enclosed a couple of pics for you of the tables we set up and of the baby shower cake.
Stacy, Friend of Mum-to-Be

It was great finding a UK based online company such as Babies Babies with such an extensive range of products. It is very hard for me to organise a surprise party for my wife as this is the only secret I am keeping from her and as I have found from our year and a half of marriage, wives find out everything!! As you can imagine, we are both a little stressed at the moment as we are mid-moving house and Catherine is over 30 weeks pregnant with our first and theoretically she could pop at any time! I know she really wants a Baby Shower but because of all the issues at the moment she does not think she is getting one - I hope the surprise doesn't bring on any contractions! Babies Babies made my life a lot easier with simple selection and ordering of products and quick delivery. I would recommend it to any husbands looking on this site as if your wife/girlfriend is pregnant - you should be doing something to help her for a change!!
Mark Bartram - Expectant Father

Hi I just wanted to say thank you very much for sending my order out so quickly, I received it today before I left for work which was fantastic. The items are brilliant and as advertised so im well pleased! Thanks again Sarah Wow! I checked around and offered the best value for money but what really gives it the edge is the customer service. Stephanie was always around to offer advice and it felt like I was shopping with a friend rather than impersonally over the internet. Then, when I realised that I needed more supplies urgently, Stephanie pulled out all the stops to get them to me the next day despite it being only a few days to Christmas. Thanks for everything. M xI wanted to let you know that the babyshower was a huge success. Everyone was blown away at how stunning the decorations were and we had so much fun playing the games. My sister-in-law was so excited and loved the afternoon. I have attached a picture of her - I dressed her up as little Bo Peep. Thank you so much for your efficient and friendly service. You were amazing and thanks to your beautiful products we had a magical afternoon. I will definitely be recommending your business to everyone I know. I have attached some pictures for your website. Thanks again.
Lee-Anne Silver -  Excited Sister-In-Law x

Well we had the shower for my sister in law on Saturday and it went off fantastic!!! I am sending you some pics of the decor and you can see how lovely the place looked. Thank you so much for sending to South Africa you just dont find such pretty decor for a stork party over here!!! Your service was out of this world. I am including a photo of Candy dressed up as a tired mom! and her husband PJ who all the husbands took him out for lunch and then brought him back to us and we dressed him up and played 2 games with him and let him open a couple of presents. He was a very good sport!!! We let all the men bring a bottled food or porridge as entrance fee, it worked well.
Love Magda x from South Africa