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Party Ideas - Comprehensive Checklist and Step-by-step Guide

Baby Shower Checklist
It would be a good idea to print off this page so you can tick off as each task is completed to ensure that your planning is to perfection and nothing is forgotten!

What can be more joyous than celebrating the birth of a baby! If you are the shower host, you have a lot to think about, everything from the theme of the party, number of guests, whether to include spouses, location, and of course the food. It is always a good idea to check with the guest of honor first to make sure that you are carrying out any special wishes. Use this checklist to help you.

One to two months before the baby shower

  • Set a date
  • Choose a location
  • Create a guest list (determine number of guests)
  • Decide in theme (if desired)
  • Plan your activities & choose games
  • Plan your menu

Two to three weeks before the baby shower

  • Send out your invitations (include directions)
  • Order cake
  • Order flowers or balloon bouquets (if applicable)
  • Decide on the party favours, game prizes and decorations
  • Finalise your menu

One week before the baby shower

  • Order or gather together the chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, etc..
  • Make a final guest count
  • Place orders for food if needed
  • Confirm reservations (if applicable)
  • Buy film for camera
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house (if party is being held in your home)
  • Buy and wrap your gift for mum-to-be
  • Make a plan of how you will run the party.

The day before the baby shower

  • Gift wrap any game prizes and prepare favours
  • Review the games/activities
  • Begin decorating the house with the party material
  • Pick up the cake
  • Purchase beverages
  • Make street signs if necessary and put out on the day of the shower
  • Set up tables, chairs, buffet table, etc…

The day of the baby shower

  • Set out party favours on a table
  • Finish any last minute decorating
  • Prepare a place where gifts will go (gift table)
  • Have your chosen party games ready to play. Make sure you have pens for guests and your prizes ready to hand out
  • Set out beverages, ice, glasses etc.
  • Make sure you have a notepad nearby to write down the gifts received
  • Also, keep a rubbish bag nearby the opening of the gifts to reduce in the clutter of the wrapping paper
  • Set up the food on the buffet table