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Baby Shower History

A surprise Baby Shower Party for me - it was a lovely evening with fun baby shower party games & a decorated house. I am so glad my friends organised it for me - at the end of your pregnancy it's just the thing! Lisa R

Baby Showers have been around for centuries and are a tradition in many societies; however the origin is actually unknown. Evidence of Baby Showers can be seen in both ancient Egyptian and Roman societies. However the Baby Shower as it is known today boomed in the USA shortly after World War II.

There can be many advantages for having a Baby Shower Party:

  • Friends and family sharing the excitement with Mum-to-be.
  • Emotional support - the calming of new parent nerves as they think about their new baby!
  • Advice and words of wisdom from valued friends and relatives.
  • Assisting with expense: bringing baby shower gifts for the new baby can ease this very costly time for the new parents without causing any embarrassment.

It is thought that Baby Showers were originally hosted after the birth, however this has changed in modern times and now it is very common for a Baby Shower Party to be hosted shortly before the baby is due or at the time of leaving work for maternity leave.

It was once considered inappropriate for close family to arrange the Baby Shower and it was left to friends, co-workers, in fact anyone other than the Mum-to-be. Nowadays for family or even mum-to-be herself to arrange the baby shower is completely acceptable.

Having a baby is such an exciting time for Mum-to-be and all those around her. So having a party towards the end of your pregnancy is not as crazy as it may seem! Following the USA and celebrities, we too in the UK are increasingly becoming excited about Baby Showers and organising them for our friends and family.

A Baby Shower is an exciting and joyous experience and is an occasion for Mum-to-be to be pampered so that when she leaves her Baby Shower, she will know how much everyone cares about her. They really are so much fun and after all, having a baby is a reason to celebrate! The idea is to 'shower' the lucky Mum-to-be with lots of party fun, love, games and presents.

stephanie with youngest son at Texan rodeo

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