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Cheers!! Bottle Drinking Game pack of 2

Cheers!! Bottle Drinking Game pack of 2

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Quick Overview:

This game is a real baby shower favourite.
We will supply the bottles empty
Bottles are sold in pack of 2, either select pink, blue or a mixture.
See below for game ideas.
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This game will have your guests rolling on the floor laughing. Your guests will have a blast. Simply fill the bottles with a drink of your choice, eg. milk, juice, wine, water etc...... then get ready to play. On Your Marks - Get Set - GO... see who can drink the fastest drink out of the baby bottle. Super FUN game for co-ed baby shower! Men really like to play this game.

How to play the game: Give each guest a baby bottle filled with a drink of their choice. The first to drink the contents of their bottle is the winner.
Want to make the game even funnier! On one of the bottles seal up the nipple. Then no matter how hard that player sucks, nothing will come out of their bottle. Make sure to give the player with the sealed nipple a prize for all their hard effort.
Bottles are sold individually so you can order the exact number that you require. Please select your colour choice below - pink, blue or a mixture of the 2 colours. 85p per bottle.
Other Ideas for these bottles:
Musical Bottle Race - Start this game with 3 baby bottles filled with juice. Hand it out in random around the room. When you start the music have the guests pass the bottles like hot potato. Let everyone know that the person who ends up with a bottle will have to drink it. The person who finishes the bottle first wins.

Bottle Bowling- Place baby bottles on the floor in a triangle fashion. Give your guests tennis balls to bowl with. You can also make the bowling lane and gutter by taping masking tape to the floor. You can also add some kind of filler to the bottles to give them a little weight.
Bottle Drinking Races- Choose 2 people to compete in a bottle drinking race. Whoever finishes their bottle first wins a prize. They will have sore cheeks and more respect for the baby!

Or simply fill these with small sweets and give as favours to your guests or for game prizes.
Warning: Bottles are NOT suitable for infant use. Entertainment use only. Both the bottle and the teat are made of hard plastic. We will supply the bottles empty in the colour of your choice. Bottles are sold individually.