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Game Suggestions

We have over 80 specially designed baby shower games to keep everyone entertained at your party. Many of these have been designed and 'conceived' by ourselves. Probably the largest range and choice that you will find in the UK. Click here for our baby shower games, with many involving items like dummies, nappies and bottles. We have also a section devoted to the ever popular pinatas.

These games can be a terrific way to involve all your guests, especially if they do not know each other that well or meeting for the first time. The types of activities selected and number played will be somewhat dependent on your guest list and tone of the party. We suggest 2 to 5 in total including 1 or 2 with props to really add the fun factor to your party.

Our baby shower games are designed to suit everyone and will keep your guests amused at your party. Many of these include baby related props like dummies, rattles, nappies and miniature babies to bring a smiles to the guests faces. Our Baby Shower Game Prizes can be personalised and are ideal to give to the game winners as well as being a lovely momento.

One of our most popular printed games is pin the dummy on the baby. This game has originated from the pin the tail on the donkey game that has been played at children’s parties and gatherings for years. Our version involves blindfolding the player and giving them a sticker with a picture of a dummy, where they then will have to estimate where the dummy will go on the cute baby.

Charades is very popular worldwide and at BabiesBabies we offer 12 cards each with a different charade on for the guests to act out and guess, this is guaranteed to bring some laughs!

Testing your guests on how well they know mum can always be revealing! We offer `Who knows mummy best` game sheets, these feature a series of questions about mum for the guests to answer, and is a good way for guests to get to know her better if they don’t already!

Guests can also help mum by offering her advice, we can provide `mums advice cards` which the guests can write their advice to mum on whatever they would like, perhaps the pregnancy or the birth. These keepsake cards can help mum or make her laugh at the same time. Our ‘dads advice cards’ allow guests to offer the 'new dad to be' advice on coping with the pregnancy and birth!

For those who want to let their energy out with hitting something we have a selection of Pinatas, which can be supplied empty or filled with branded sweets.