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Fun Christmas Decorations for a all the Family

This Christmas to prevent boredom over the holiday season try making some Christmas themed decorations! By using hands and feet you can create friendly Christmas characters to decorate the house with….

Reindeer: To create a reindeer you will need…
1.      Card (two different colours)
2.      Large Googly Eyes
3.      Pom Poms
4.      Scissors
5.      Glitter

6.      And some Volunteers!

Step 1:

Start by making the reindeers head, cut the brown card, the shape should be a peanut shape, that’s slightly larger at the antler end.

Step 2:

Now you will need to borrow your children’s hands to make the reindeer antlers. Draw round your children’s hands onto a different colored card to form the antlers. Then cut out the hand shapes and glue them to the head of the reindeer. For a messier option you could use paint! Paint your chosen colour onto your children’s hands and print these onto card then cut out and stick to the reindeer head.

Step 3:

Finally customise your reindeer with pom poms for a nose and a pair of googly eyes. To take it to the next level add glitter glue and sequins

Now you can make lots of Christmas decorations, that document your children’s growth and creativity. Try making Christmas trees, turkeys, snowmen and of course Farther Christmas!


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