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Baby Boom pushes population to a New High

sleepwearBritain's population hit a record 63.7 million last year after it grew faster than that of any other EU nation accordingly to figures revealed recently.

An increase  0f 419,900 in the population is equivalent to a city the size of Bristol and this was put down to immigration and a baby boom, with more births in 2011-12 than in any year since 1972.

Though net migration fell by 82,000 to 165,000, the population increase was driven by births to recent migrants.

So with a baby boom, we have seen more and more people having baby showers for their friends and family members as well as all the feel good factors that we have had in the UK over the past couple of years with The Royal Wedding, London Olympic Games, The Queens Jubilee and more recently the birth of Prince George to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  A baby shower party seems to be becoming an event included into the whole pregnancy experience to maintain that feel good factor for Mum to Be as she nears the end of her pregnancy.  The idea of the party is to have some fun and share in the excitement of the imminent new arrival.

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